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Does Obama Intend to Default So He Can Blame It On Republicans? by The Elephant's Child

Obama has taken a no-negotiations stance on the debt ceiling debate, sending the true signal to the market that he is willing to default on debt if Republicans do not fund the government in accordance with his wishes,” according to John Podesta, founder of the Center for American Progress. Obama lost last time on the sequester, and he has been fuming ever since. He is deeply offended by any limitation on his ability to spend.

Any time you hear the media going on about how the Republicans shut down the government, reread that paragraph. Barack Obama wanted a shutdown. Republicans wouldn’t surrender to Obama’s desire to keep right on spending to excess, and Obama shut the government down and his every speech proclaimed that the Republicans were trying to destroy the Republic with their intransigence, a theme immediately echoed by a compliant media. Obama is undoubtedly the most purely partisan president we have ever had.

The Republican strategy of defunding ObamaCare was doomed from the start. Neither the senate nor the president would sign off on such a thing. Republicans are inclined to think economically. They look at ObamaCare as not just a train wreck, but as wreckage so damaging that it will harm millions of people and do real and serious damage to the economy and the country. Democrats see a shining goal, a system that will care for the poor, and that people will like so much that they can gradually tinker a little to turn it into single-payer insurance that is the permanent political domination of their dreams.

The catastrophe of its first days will soon be fixed, they are sure. Democrats do not think in terms of incentives and inevitable consequences. Ezekiel Emanuel, medical ethicist, brother of Rahm, and health care adviser to Obama had a column in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago claiming that all the talk about a “part-time economy” was nonsense. Statistics showed that a majority of part-time workers wanted part-time work. Certainly many part-time workers are young people attending school, but the numbers of restaurant chains, retailers like Home Depot and grocery chains who are moving their part-time workers to 27 or 28 hours belies his notions. The leading job growth has come from temporary agencies.

Republicans made offers to the Democrats that—were they actually concerned about the welfare of the people and improvement in the economy—they should have jumped at. They offered a delay in the individual mandate that matched the delay in the employer mandate that Obama had already illegally granted. Nobody knows how bad the ObamaCare website disaster will be, but knowledgeable IT experts reportedly believe it is   problems with the basic code and design. It will take a long time and be very, very embarrassing.

Republicans also offered to repeal the medical device tax. This is an extremely destructive tax. It has already sent over 40,000 jobs overseas, cost many jobs here, and worst of all — stifle innovation. Medical devices include everything from stents to wheelchair and prostheses to hospital beds and giant diagnostic machinery. If you are trying to drive down the cost of medicine, you don’t put a tax on medical devices. Even many Democrats recognize the negatives involved.

Republicans wouldn’t get any benefits from either of these changes.  They would have been of great benefit to the economy and to Obama, but Obama is intent, as always, on pure politics. He wants to make the Republicans look bad, and he wants to win. He may be willing to default to achieve that — if he can blame it on Republicans.

The Virtual Inaugural 2013 by The Elephant's Child

Bill Whittle has a marvelous way of getting right to the heart of things. His Virtual Inaugural is meant to be dissent. He doesn’t agree with the direction of this administration, and he presents an alternative Inaugural address to explain the difference. I’m with Bill Whittle. If all Republicans could speak as clearly as he does, we’d be a lot better off.

Here is a transcript of the speech to download. it’s worth reading over several times and thinking about. It’s easy to dissent, to disapprove of policies and actions of this government, but not so easy to spell out what we would do instead. This is truly food for thought, to be pondered, not just scanned and passed over. Enjoy.


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