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Pertinent Headlines! by The Elephant's Child


  • Obama Repeals ObamaCare: Wall Street Journal, Dec. 20, 2013
  • Obamacare is Falling Apart Before Our Eyes: The Weekly Standard, Dec. 20, 2013
  • Obamacare Initiates Self-Destruction Sequence: Bloomberg, Dec. 20, 2013
  • The Obamacare Generation: National Review, Dec. 19, 2013
  • Obamacare’s Death Spiral: Hoover Institution, November 18, 2013
  • Even More Security Risks Discovered at Breitbart, Dec. 20, 2013
  • Medical Experts Tell Congress about the Obamacare ‘Damage’ to Come: PJMedia, Dec. 19, 2013
  • Obamacare Disinformation Runs Deep: National Review, Dec. 13, 2013
  • An Outbreak of Lawlessness: Washington Post, Nov. 28, 2013
  • Who Says Obama Hasn’t United The Country?: National Review, Dec. 20, 2013
  • The Politicization of Everything: Hoover Institution, Nov. 21, 2013

I cannot resist. I have to read everything, hoping for the imminent collapse. Yet I believe the Democrats will fight on to the bitter end. If President Obama can override legislation passed by the Congress with a mere wave of his imperial hand, will he simply declare “Single-Payer” as the law of the land? What will be hidden until “after the election?” How much vote fraud will there be in the 2014 election?
What damage to the American people will there be because of this incompetent law, and how many lives will be lost?

It cannot be “fixed.” The incentives are wrong, the taxes are damaging, the attempts to save money misdirected. It must be rooted out in its entirety.


Competence, Responsiblity, Intelligence and Ethics by The Elephant's Child

People in responsible positions have behaved very badly. Lies and excuses are flowing. I didn’t know. Nobody told me. I’m not responsible. It wasn’t illegal. It wasn’t my decision. I wasn’t aware. It’s irrelevant. I didn’t understand what was happening. Don’t blame me. How do you begin to get your mind around what is going on?

Cascading scandals. Today’s scandals are piling on top of earlier scandals that we don’t yet understand. Who is responsible? Who knew? Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who are the whistleblowers? Who is being sent out to take the fall to protect someone more important?

One begins to long for the days of historic Japan when the person in charge took responsibility, pronounced his shame and committed seppuku. It may seem barbaric now, but it brought a quick finality to the problem, tied it in a neat package so the remaining people could put their lives back together and get on.

Young graduates are entering society with big hopes and enormous debts. In Oklahoma a 1½-mile wide tornado has destroyed an entire town, flattened homes, and a death toll of twenty-five people almost sounds like a good thing, for it could have been so much worse. Cascading grief.

Senator Carl Levin is engaged in calling the Apple computer corporation to task before the Finance Committee for not paying more taxes even though they have carefully followed the laws made by the U.S. Congress. One reason that  those new graduates are not finding employment to pay back their student loans is because the law of  unintended consequences is making a burgeoning scandal out of ObamaCare, a law passed by a Democrat Congress without a single Republican vote.

The people holding committee meetings designed to get to the bottom of the scandal are also the people who have passed the laws, or passed the buck to some agency, to make the rules that are currently fouling everything up. We’re all human and fallible and make mistakes. But you don’t get off the proverbial hook by appearing before a committee and offering the  passive “mistakes were made.”

Yes. A  lot of mistakes have been made. People have been killed, unnecessarily. One quite innocent businessman has had to pay $80,000 worth of legal bills because someone in the IRS or in the Treasury Department or in the White House thought it was acceptable to go after someone’s entire financial dealings because they dared to donate to the president’s political rival  before an upcoming election.

Those illegal and unethical attacks have had the desired effect. Big donors are afraid of the IRS. The head of Health and Human Services left, by a massive bill that nobody had read, in charge of rolling it out, is finding out that the law of unintended consequences means that everyone is trying to avoid participating in a system that they believe to be unworkable and unaffordable. So she is out trying to bully those very entities which she will regulate into financing a program to make people like the unlikable. ObamaCare itself is a scandal that is ruining the economy.

With all those scandals, it’s no wonder that people do not yet understand the depth or the meaning of all these failures. Large numbers of the population have never heard of Benghazi, nor Kermit Gosnell, Steve Miller, nor Frank VanderSloot. Well, it’s no wonder. This may be the information age, but the information flow is not pared down and carefully formed so we get only that which is important, and if it were so, it would be someone else’s judgment as to what is important.

Twitter, designed by its limits to be confined to 140 characters (including spaces), would seem designed to be short, direct and immediate. Yet it is not turning out to be a conveyance of the most important information, but mostly an all-American repository of smart remarks.

You have to dig out the important information for yourselves. Reject the news about Beyoncé and the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, and take notice of what is going on. Because what your Congress is doing will change your life. Take away your freedom. Even though they work for you, you can’t trust them. We have to remind them constantly of their responsibilities. There is a there there. It does matter.

A free society, if it is to remain free, requires citizens who take
the risk of standing up to be counted on the issues of the day.
………………………………………………………Walter Wriston

Spin, Spin, Spin. by The Elephant's Child


The suck-up leftist media has gone into full-fledged spin control. How these people can live with themselves or even face themselves in the mirror is beyond me. As Dan Gainor wrote at Fox News:

In the real world, when you cover up four murders after the fact, you likely go to jail. In government, you retire with dignity and run for president with full media support.

Up until yesterday, that was the Benghazi scenario following the death of four Americans including our ambassador to Libya.

The Obama administration has lied, stonewalled, bullied, and intimidated – the true marks of an open and transparent administration. And, with a few notable exceptions, the American media haven’t just let them get away it. Heck, they’ve helped.

Let’s be clear here. Yes, the administration has tried at all levels to cover-up the murder of four Americans; but that is not all. The administration is deeply complicit in those deaths. The disgusting media is not interested in murders, but in attempting to attack Republicans for noticing the whole thing which was “a long time ago” (Jay Carney).

Republicans are now “engaged in a witch hunt” (Eugene Robinson), who said “the hearing convened by Rep.Darrell Issa (R-CA) produced a riveting narrative of the chaotic events in Libya last September. But what was the supposedly unforgivable crime?”…The three diplomats who testified at the hearing gave no evidence that this failure sprang from anything other than the need to use limited resources as efficiently as possible.” Gosh, maybe they could have taken a few bucks out of State’s $4.1 million fund for embassy art.

Frank Rich in New York Magazine emphasized that nobody was paying attention and nobody cared, or will care, and if you dare to care, you will be attacked, and made fun of by late night “comedians.” He even dragged up the original 9/11, the Bush lied, the Iraq War that “drained resources from the battle against al Qaeda and the search for bin Laden” — the one truly noble effort of the past century.

The New York Times headlined their editorial “The Republicans Benghazi Obsession.”

Before Wednesday’s hearing on the attack in Benghazi, Libya, Republicans in Congress promised explosive new details about the administration’s mishandling of the episode. Instead, the hearing showed, yet again, that sober fact-finding is not their mission. Common sense and good judgment have long given way to conspiracy-mongering and a relentless effort to discredit President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The whole thing was dismissed as “thoroughly covered” by the independent inquiry by Thomas Pickering and Adm. Mike Mullen.  Their “unsparing report” concluded that:

“systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels” in the State Department’s bureaus of diplomatic security and near eastern affairs resulted in a “security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place.” Mrs. Clinton took responsibility for the security failures when she testified at a Congressional hearing in January.

Splendid example of bureaucratese. Bet the State Department really got a scolding for that. The Washington Post tweeted “Who’s tweeting about Benghazi? Rich, middle-aged men and Chick-fil-A lovers.” NBC said there was an “obvious political undercurrent” to the hearings and accused the GOP of going after the “most popular Democrat”, Hillary Clinton. (She is? Who knew?) The CBS network held back Emmy award-winning reporter Sharyl Attkinsson from writing about Benghazi “CBS News executives see Attkisson wading dangerously close to advocacy on the issue.” Attkisson is now in talks to leave CBS ahead of contract.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank treated the testimony as if the witnesses were lying. His column called the sworn testimony a “yarn” and referred to our No. 2 diplomat in Libya as a “virtuoso storyteller.”  He added “Hicks didn’t lay a glove on the former secretary of state on Wednesday.”

It is not bias. It is complete abandonment of the basic principles of journalism, which is supposed to be about curiosity, the search for truth and understanding, and an impartial observation of government activities and actions to inform the people in a free society. They have traded that in for the opportunity to write political advocacy and puff pieces. More fun. You don’t have to investigate, dig, consider, or even do any hard thinking — you can just feel — and wallow in your emotions.


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