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Pot is for psychos! by American Elephant

Senn PennScientific studies have established, and review has confirmed, that even mild use of marijuana can increase your risk of psychosis by 40 percent. And the more pot you smoke, the higher your risk of developing psychoses:

“The scientists found a more disturbing outlook for “heavy users” of pot, those who used it daily or weekly: Their risk for psychosis jumped to a range of 50 percent to 200 percent.

Now, none of this is news to those of us living in blue states, or to anyone who tuned into the “Yearly Kos” convention last weekend. But at last we have a scientific explanation for Bush Derangement Syndrome. (ht: North Dallas Thirty)

And if you need any further convincing, just look at the striking similarities between the following maps. The first map illustrates marijuana use in America, the second the 2004 election. Notice the strong correlation between heavy pot use (dark red on the first map) and heavily Democratic districts (dark blue on the second):

Marijuana Use

Coninkydink? I think not! It takes a complete nutter to vote for this crop of Democrats!

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You got to be kidding me! This web-site is nothing but a bunch of bullsh*t! Only a Dumb-*ss would take this seriously.


Comment by jojo

I think that anyone that believes the way the people that runs this web site has problems. They are just as stupid as our x president George Bush! Idoits


Comment by jojo

Jojo, It’s a scientific study. It carries a little more weight than your epithets, and you’ve done nothing to refute it. Sounds like you need to cut back on the pot!


Comment by American Elephant

Great usage of the Spicolli pic. Kudos.


Comment by Jay Burns



Comment by American Elephant

You buncha dicknosed losers need to get out from behind your computer screens more often and smell the coffee. Your sorry ass’d excuse for a party is in the shitter and THERE’s NOTHING you sad sacks of shit can possibly do about it. All the zippy cool maps and graphic in the world won’t redeem the Pugnacious Repukes this November OR next Presidential Election.

Have fun on your FAILboat!


By the way, I WISH I had some pot right now.
: /


Comment by HahahaLosers!

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