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We’re winning in Iraq! by American Elephant
August 17, 2007, 5:24 am
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Here’s just some of what our troops and Iraqis have accomplished together under the new strategy:

  • Al Qaeda lost the support of Iraq’s Sunni Arabs. The fanatics over-reached…
  • Since the tribes who once were fighting against us turned on al Qaeda, our troops not only captured the senior Iraqi in the organization … but also killed the three al Turki brothers …
  • Al Qaeda has been pushed right across Anbar, from the once Wild West to the province’s eastern fringes. … To quote that senior officer again, “our forces have been taking out their leaders faster than they can find qualified replacements.”
  • It isn’t only al Qaeda taking serious hits. After briefly showing the flag, Muqtada al-Sadr fled back to Iran again, trailed by his senior deputies. …
  • With its descent into criminality and terror, the Mahdi Army, too, has been losing support among Iraqis – in this case, among Shias. …
  • In Mosul, Iraqi army and police units stuck to their guns through a series of tough combat engagements, with the result that massive arms caches were seized from the terrorists and insurgents. In Kirkuk, Iraqi police reacted promptly to last week’s gruesome car-bombing – in time to stop two other car bombs from reaching their intended targets.
  • In Baghdad, the surge isn’t only about American successes – Iraqi security and intelligence forces conducted a series of hard-hitting operations against both al Qaeda and Iran-backed Special Group terrorists.

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Troops in Iraq

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