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Democrats: most unpopular congress EVER! by American Elephant

A new Gallup poll shows the Democrat controlled congress has the lowest approval ratings ever recorded. Only 18% of Americans approve of the job the Democrat congress is doing, and a whopping 76% disapprove. Worse than any Republican congress has ever had.

Almost twice as many Americans approve of the President as do congress. At 32%, President Bush’s approval rating seems stratospheric by comparison.

No congress has been this unpopular since—well, since the last time Democrats controlled congress in 1992 . No congress has ever scored lower, although they came close in 1979 with a 19% approval rating when—no surprise here—Democrats were also in control.

And for good reason…undermining the country and the military in wartime, unconstitutional power grabs, vote fraud, leaking classified documents, over 300 partisan witch-hunt investigations that have uncovered a grand total of zero illegal or unethical acts, a cornucopia of new taxes, even more secretive and unaccountable earmark spending, and corruption that makes Bob Ney look like a Catholic nun.

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I am still trying to figure out what planet Republicans live on. The selective memory seems very predominate among conservatives. Lets see George W Bush was placed in office by the Supreme Court, trampling on states rights. Bush’s second win involved possible fraud in Ohio. Anyone remember Enron energy fiasco or MCI bankruptcy? He bilked the treasury and continued it even after starting a the Iraq war. People like to blame Clinton for the housing crisis because of the REPUBLICAN bill he signed in the late 90’s. How about Bush herding protesters into corrals outside of any speeches. I just find it funny that conservatives throw around words like liberal elite destroying our country, while spending us into bankruptcy. And lots not forget that the Senate from 2006 to 2008 was 48 Republicans to 48 Democrats (1 in a coma) and 2 Independents (one of those independents campaigning for Mccain). I will also take debating amongst Democrats to the no questions asked just get in line by Repubs. No one is perfect, but as a 31 year old business owner Ill take my chances with the Democrats for now.


Comment by S W

It’s called reality, SW. You should try it.

1. LOL. You people are still obsessing over the 2001 election! Newsflash! Bush won the election. All the Supreme Court did was to stop Al Gore from trying to steal it. (States dont have the right to treat different peoples votes differently. Thats unequal treatment under the law, and its unconstitutional. The Supreme Court agreed 7-2 that what Al Gore was doing was unconstitutional. What to do about it was the 5-4 decision.)
2. The only fraud during either of Bush’s elections was perpetrated by Democrats and Democrats were prosecuted and went to jail for it if you need proof. Bush won his second election by increasing his support in EVERY STATE in the country!
3. Enron’s crimes happened under CLINTON, they got prosecuted by Bush.
4. Bilked the treasury?
5. People blame Democrats in Congress for the housing crisis. They are the ones who forced banks to make home loans to people who were bad credit risks and they are the ones who filibustered Republican attempts to reform Fannie and Freddie, and they were the ones in charge of congress when it happened.
6. Corrals are appropriate for mindless sheep.
7. Republicans did not spend us into bankruptcy. Despite their war spending, the nonpartisan CBO estimated that Republican budgets were on track to eliminate the deficit and start paying off debt in 2010. But Democrats took control of both houses of congress in 2007. Their first budget blew all that away and spent more than Republicans had ever spent. Their second budget spent more than every congress before them COMBINED.
7. Yes, Democrats have been in control of the Senate since January 2007 with 49 Democrats and 2 independents who caucused with Democrats. You may remember Harry Reid? The Senate Majority Leader since 2007?
8. Remind me not to invest in your business.


Comment by American Elephant

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