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“Filtering” the news by American Elephant
August 23, 2007, 4:04 am
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I was reading the president’s speech to the VFW today, when I was reminded of an alarming display of the dangerous state the “mainstream” news media is in…

In 2005, CSPAN aired a panel on journalism and blogging hosted by the National Press Club entitled, “What is a Journalist?”

Jeff GannonThe panel consisted of several young mainstream journalists and several bloggers—gossip columnist, Wonkette, and blogger, Jeff Gannon, are the only two I remember by name. In the exchange, Wonkette and the rest of the panel were attacking Gannon regarding the questions he asked during White House press conferences.

Gannon’s simple assertion was that the president’s policies, positions and his rationale for supporting them are news and should be heard, and the media weren’t reporting them. The rest of the panel was nearly apoplectic. The basic gist of Wonkette’s argument was that the president is pushing his agenda and therefore must be “filtered.” The rest of the panel agreed whole-heartedly with her.

Of course Gannon was right and the panel was decidedly, unanimously wrong. The president is the most powerful man in the world, not to mention the elected leader of the nation—it’s news if he sneezes—let alone if he lays out his policies and reasons for them. Precisely why major newspapers used to, not long ago, publish every major speech by the President of the United States in their entirety.

It is rare that you get such unwitting candor from the “press”. But the fact they unwittingly divulged is that they do indeed see their job as “filtering” the news—cherry picking what they want you to see, and what they don’t want you to see. If balance is their concern, surely the response from his political opponents is newsworthy as well, but that’s not what they were advocating. They were advocating deciding for the consumer which of the presidents statements they felt were true and which they felt were not, and refusing to publish those they did not approve of.

Now, how do you think that works out in a press that study after study confirms is 85-90% Liberal/Democrat? A press that polls show is more interested in “making a difference,” than in reporting the facts?

“We report, you decide,” not, “we decide, then report” is the proper function of the media. “Filtering” is propaganda—”who, what, when, where and why” is journalism.

“Filtering” is what China, Cuba, and Venezuela do. “Filtering” is what Stalin did—and now, self-admittedly, the liberal mainstream news media.

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