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Whose side are they on? by Emerald City Elephant

The blithering idiocy of liberalism and political correctness rear their ugly heads once again in Seattle…

suspicious men staking out ferriesThe FBI has released photographs of two men that have been seen engaged in suspicious activity on several Washington State ferries, as reported by numerous citizens and ferry employees. Last year, the Justice Department named the Washington State Ferry system as the No. 1 target for maritime terrorism. The Captain of one ferry found their behavior so suspicious that he snapped this photograph. The FBI has said the men seemed, “overly interested in the workings and layouts of the ferries.”

However, both the Seattle Post Intelligencer and the Seattle Times refused to publish the photographs citing “civil liberties” and “privacy” concerns. Never mind that Washington Ferries are part of the public highway system, and no one has any reasonable expectation of privacy on them, and never mind that the men had been accused of no crimes…non-existent “civil liberties” trump the public safety at both papers.

And lest you think that the PI was serious in their deliberation, note that instead of the photographs, the PI chose to run a haiku contest about the story.

Keep in mind also that while the PI wouldn’t run the photographs of potential terrorists to protect their identity, it is the same paper that ran front page stories accusing a man of having sex with his dog, then later buried the revelation that his wife made the whole thing up. They stood up for James Ujaama, who recently confessed to terrorism charges. You may also remember that the Seattle Times newsroom erupted in cheers when Rove resigned last week.

I’m from Seattle, I know these people and these papers very well. The Times is a very liberal paper, the PI is outright left-wing-lunatic. Both papers oppose the Bush administration, and I guarantee therein lies their refusal to cooperate. The FBI reports to Bush, therefore the Times and PI will not cooperate. Period.

Finally, I’d like to submit my own haiku to the PI:

    Explosion on board!
    Screaming, sinking, drowning, death!
    Didn’t have to be.

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WRONG. The Seattle Times did post the photo. The refusal, and the haiku contest, was from the P-I.


Comment by donbee

Sorry, you’re wrong. The Seattle Times originally refused to run the photographs just like the PI, as they themselves admit in this quote.

“When the photos were released late Monday afternoon, The Times refrained from publishing them in print or online.”

We do fact-check quite thoroughly here.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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