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Four commercials every American should watch by American Elephant
August 26, 2007, 2:32 am
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Freedom’s Watch – Veteran

A series of powerful commercials about the importance of winning this war by those who have sacrificed so much for it. They are produced by Freedoms Watch.

Do your part to win the war!

Our soldiers can’t be expected to fight the war in Iraq AND the war at home. We must win the war at home!

Please post these videos to your own blogs if you can—they deserve to be seen by as many Americans as possible. They are a poignant rebuttle to the ceaseless anti-war propaganda pushed on Americans by Democrats and their mouthpieces the mainstream media. You can also e-mail these videos to the people you know by clicking “share” at the end of the video.

Freedom’s Watch asks that if you agree with their message, that you contact your Congresspersons and share your opinions. I’ll add to that, write to your local newspapers, call talk radio and share your opinions there as well—then please do what you can to make sure as many people see these commercials as possible…. Post them, email them, link to me, or you might consier making a contribution to Freedom’s Watch to help them make their commericals available to a wider audience.

Liberals at ABCNews and across the internet are already attacking the commercials and the heroes in them. I can think of no better response than to make certain every American sees them.

The first commercial is entitled “Freedom’s Watch – Veteran”
Iraq war veteran John Kriesel lost both legs in a blast near Fallujah on December 2nd, 2006. It was near the end of his second tour. Listen to why John believes Victory is America’s only choice. (ht/Powerline)

Watch. Share. Write. Give.

Freedom’s Watch – Travis

Laura Youngblood lost 2 family members to al Qaeda terrorists, first her uncle Henry a New York City fireman who lost his life on 9/11, and than her husband Travis died fighting for our freedom in Iraq. Listen to why Laura believes Victory is America’s only choice.

Freedom’s Watch – Robinson

Iraq war veteran Andrew Robinson was on his second tour of duty when he was wounded by an IED in June of 2006. Andrew lost the use of his legs. Listen to why Andrew believes Victory is America’s only choice.

Freedom’s Watch – Jesse

Vicki Strong lost her son, Marine Sgt. Jesse Strong, in Iraq fighting for our freedom. Listen to why Vicki believes Victory is America’s only choice.

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