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Gonzales Resigns… by American Elephant

Bush and Gonzales

Democrats prove once again that you don’t need facts or truth to be on your side to create a scandal or smear a good man.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose first name many Americans have come to believe is actually “Embattled,” gave his resignation to President Bush last Friday. News accounts say Bush “grudgingly” accepted it. The news was just announced this morning.

Democrats successfully and extremely dishonestly smeared Gonzales name. While Gonzales performance has been far from perfect, there was absolutely no wrongdoing in the US Attorney firings, and contrary to the perception Democrats were able to create, there was absolutely no dishonesty in Gonzales’ testimony.

As a political move it appears utterly inept. If Gonzales was only going to resign now, what was the point of standing by him? The resignation follows too closely on the heels of the Democrats fabricated “scandal” to come off as anything but a major victory for the Democrats and a concession that Gonzales had done something wrong.

I have two theories.

One, as I suggested with Karl Rove’s unexpected resignation, I believe General Petraeus’ report is going to be quite favorable, and that Democrats will be looking to distract the public, or stir up scandal in any way they can. As the greatest current sources of controversy, Rove and Gonzales are obvious targets for Democrats attempts to distract. I think the President may be clearing the board of distractions before the report comes out. It certainly makes more sense than throwing Gonzales overboard after standing by him so long.

A second, more unlikely possibility—one that I keep my fingers crossed for nonetheless—is that progress has been made in the ongoing, but very quiet leak investigations. Mark Levin reported on his show that subpoenas or warrants had been served… honestly I dont remember the details, but the essence was that those investigations were going forward and that they may actually have been getting close to finding out who leaked top secret information to the press.

If that were true, it could be difficult to bring those cases to prosecution if the man Democrats smeared as firing US Attorneys for political retribution is still heading the Justice Department.

Again, its a stretch, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to see those traitors brought to justice!

One silver lining though, at least the boobs at the New York Times won’t have to worry about misspelling Attorney General Gonzales’ name so often anymore.

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