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Nanny Huckabee! by Emerald City Elephant
August 29, 2007, 9:40 am
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Huckabee Clinton

Mike Huckabee just lost my vote, and I hope yours too.

Governor Huckabee has just demonstrated without a doubt that he is no conservative, and has no clue what the constitutional role of the federal government is or ever was intended to be. He’s proven, probably without realizing it, that he is just another full-fledged, big-intrusive-government, nanny-state politician.

Asked if congress passed a nationwide smoking ban, at the if he would sign it, Huckabee said, “absolutely!” and that he thinks smoking should be banned in all public places and anywhere anyone works.

Nevermind that the entire idea that second hand smoke poses a danger to anyone is complete junk science—it is! In fact, all the most authoratative studies say its not even a danger if you live with a smoker. Its not even the smoking thats the problem.

It’s that Huckabee thinks there is any role whatsoever for the federal government in this issue in the first place. Its that he is willing to infringe upon the liberty of Americans based on fads and entirely phony-baloney evidence. And that he thinks that it is the proper role of government, especially the federal government, to protect Americans from themselves.

Even if you hate smoking, as odds are that you do—why do you have the right to tell me that I cant allow my customers to smoke at my privately owned bar or restaraunt?

Conservatives believe in small government, individual liberty and the free market. If you don’t like smoking, patronize places that dont allow it. If there arent any places that dont allow it, start one! There’s obviously a demand for it. But it is antithetical to conservative principles to use the power of the government to force private enterprise to ban perfectly legal behavior that harms no one but those who engage in it.

And even if you don’t agree with any of that—if you believe its perfectly appropriate for the government to reach into private enterprise and make such decisions for people—why shouldn’t this be left at the state and local level? Where does the federal government have any role in such decisions whatsoever?

The constitution is not an enumeration of the rights of the people, it is a specific list of the few powers the people confer upon the federal government. If you support Huckabee, please show me where the constitution grants the federal government such power, because I know its not in my copy.

And therein lies the danger of Nanny Huckabee. Someone who doesnt understand such a bedrock principle of conservatism doesnt understand the role of the federal government at all. Huckabee is big on health now, whats to prevent him from signing a national ban on trans fats? What other personal liberty will he destroy for the “common good”? He’s just shown that he’s entirely willing to, based on entirely faulty science and fad. And that should scare the pants off any true conservative.

If you have any lingering doubts that this policy shows a fundamental flaw in Huckabee’s understanding of government, Hillary Clinton holds the exact same view.

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ANY laws that ANY government enacts to protect its people from themselves, as opposed to protecting each individual from the actions of another individual or group, are damn bloody scary.

“Your Government knows best. It’s for your own good”

Sacry.Scary.Scary. Combine that with a disarmed populous and you’ve got the REAL recipe for tyranny, not what the Left rants about.


Comment by jonolan

very true. the government that governs best governs least. thanks for posting.


Comment by American Elephant

No problem – I absolutely HATE “good for you” laws and can’t stop myself from ranting about them. You were kind enough to give me yet another venue! Thank you!


Comment by jonolan

[…] two months ago I wrote on this blog that, “Governor Huckabee has just demonstrated without a doubt that he is no […]


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