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Who would have thought? by The Elephant's Child

City councils can be really ridiculous.

You would expect people to run for the office of city councilperson because they care about the running of the city, potholes and such, but no-oo. Apparently many serve on a city council because they want to change the world, or practice foreign affairs or just play politics.

Professor James Q. Wilson sent the following summary of an article in the Los Angeles Times to Powerline :

On August 26, 2007, the Los Angeles Times published an article explaining why the city council of Santa Barbara has been prevented from painting a blue line across the city to mark how high the water will be if you believe Al Gore’s prediction that global warming will make the oceans rise by 23 feet. The idea was not defeated because people realize that Gore’s prediction is silly and wrong, but because a Realtor threatened a law suit based on the argument that property values below the line would fall.

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