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How to end the Larry Craig controversy by American Elephant

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It’s time to end this hullabaloo.

While the media broadcasts, “Larry Craig, Republican scandal!” 24 hours a day, there actually are important scandals and corruption getting swept under the rug (Hillary’s 157th campaign finance scandal, and Democrat 527, America Coming Together, illegally spending $137 MILLION to elect Demcorats.) The GOP needs to end this one yesterday — and I know just the way.

Craig’s resignation will not end the issue. Democrats and the media will continue to milk it for everything they can — whether Craig resigns or not. Already they are subtly, and not-so-subtly, suggesting that Craigs pervy indescressions in an airport bathroom are evidence of a corruptive nature that permeates the entire GOP. Of course its ridiculous on its face, but when has that ever stopped them before?

No, if Republicans want this one to go away, and go away immediately, there is only one thing to do — Senator Craig must switch parties.

The only thing Democrats prize more than attacking Republicans, is what they think it gets them — more power. If Craig were to declare himself a Democrat, this would go from a case of a lying hypocritical Republican being sleazy in a public bathroom and breaking the law to a case of privacy, homophobia and entrapment faster than you can tap your toe.

Of course i say this with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but you know it’s true.

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