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President Bush pays surprise visit to troops by American Elephant
September 4, 2007, 1:26 pm
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President Bush made another surprise visit to Iraq yesterday in which he met with the troops, tribal leaders, Prime Minister Maliki and other Iraqi and American military leaders in al Anbar Province.

The President was met with wild enthusiasm from the troops, which naturally means the liberal media went out of their way to censor the troops reactions from their reporting.

But the troops reaction is very much part of the story. If anyone’s opinion on the war should be heard, it’s those who understand it best—those who are living it day to day. And yet they are the last people the media wants you to hear from. Funny, that the liberal press can’t find enough time or print to devote to the one or two soldiers they have found who oppose the war, but can’t find any time to give to the vast majority of troops who support the mission and understand how vital it is. Those troops are having a hard time even buying time to air their views.

Watch what the reprehensible liberal media is working so hard to keep you from seeing:

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