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“Gentlemen may cry Peace, Peace—but there is no peace” by The Elephant's Child
September 10, 2007, 8:43 pm
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General Petraeus testifies before Congress,  MoveOn  purchases a disgraceful ad in the New York Times and Code Pink protesters have to be evicted from the proceedings.  In the supposition that everyone wants peace, but nobody does anything about it, many colleges and universities are offering classes in “Peace Studies”.  Is that how we find an end to violence?

Defeating Multiculturalism, One Tiny Step at a Time by The Elephant's Child
September 10, 2007, 7:55 pm
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Multiculturalism is, I believe, a worm in the brain of bureaucrats.  Difficult to eradicate, but definitely worth the effort to rid society of its effects.

Politically correct oppression is everywhere, here is a gentleman who struck back.

Treason! by American Elephant

Dick Durbin

What else can you possibly call it when Democrats are working overtime to destroy the credibility of General David Petraeus, the Commander of US Forces in Iraq, while he is in the middle of waging war against our enemies?

The entire Democrat leadership is calling the Petraeus report the “Bush Report,” insinuating that it is full of lies and that Petraeus will lie by delievering it. What Democrats don’t tell Americans is that the law they themselves wrote dictates how the report will be written and delivered.

Harry Reid flat-out called Petraeus a liar when he claimed that the general made statements “over the years that have not proved to be factual.” Dianne Feinstein followed suit, “I don’t think he’s an independent evaluator,” she said. Dick Durbin implied that Petraeus has, “manipulated,” the facts and has placed a full page ad in the NYT accusing Petraeus of betraying America. Even though he hasn’t even given his report yet!

I guess Democrats don’t mind pre-emptive strikes when they’re launched against the United States military.

We’re at war, and these Democrat sons of bitches are attacking the character, honesty, integrity and credibility of a United States Army four-star general — the same four-star general they unanimously confirmed — with absolutely no cause, for partisan gain.

There is no other word for it — it’s treason!

We have got to beat these people in 2008! And they are way ahead in the polls and in fundraising. Whatever quibbles we’ve had with our party, its time to get over it.

Please tell your Republican representatives that you support their efforts to win the war; they’ve been running scared ever since the Foley scandal, and they need to know we’re behind them. If you’re not behind them, get behind them. Donate! We have got to beat these traitors, leakers, liars and crooks in 2008. We can’t afford not to.

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