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Hillarycare Preview: Dying cancer patient waits 8 months to see doctor by Emerald City Elephant

Hillarycare v.2

By the time he actually was seen, the doctors informed him the colon cancer had spread to both lungs and his liver.

But never fear! the government made everything right…

They apologized to his widow.

But hey, at least it was “free.”

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wow, just like now 😉


Comment by doridoidae

Think ! Would people really be loyal to shit like that and defend it against the ad campaigns by ‘insurance’ – cough, choke – ‘professionals’. Yep. I’m a Canuck. Ezra Klein is ‘liberal’ in the sense that matters : he insists on thinking for himself.


Comment by opit

Yeah, free healthcare is great for the majority of the population who dont suffer major medical problems. Its the people who actually need good healthcare that it sucks for.


Comment by American Elephant

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