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Romney’s Last Pitch by American Elephant
September 23, 2007, 7:52 am
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Mitt Romney With Bill And Hillary Clinton

“He reminds me of a used-car salesman.”

I can’t say how many times I’ve heard people use that phrase to describe the erstwhile Massachusetts Governor.

Willard Mitt Romney, used-car salesman.

I’ve thought the same thing — just about every time I’ve heard him speak. Sure, his suit is undoubtedly more expensive, but aside from that, the comparison is spot-on:

A big smile you never feel is quite sincere, year-round tan, slicked back brylcreem hair, and a hearty, enthusiastic pitch for his product. He seems friendly enough, and he sure says just about all the right things, but in the end you’re left with the distinct impression that he doesn’t believe a word of what he’s just told you — he just wants to sell you a car.

I’ve been wrestling with that impression as the campaign’s progressed. I’ve tried to be open-minded and listen to his pitch, but no matter how many times he tries to show me the car from a new angle, it’s as if some kid were there on the lot, playing with all the horns.

Mitt shows us how the model has a gun rack, and mentions he’s always been a big advocate for the second amendment. HONK!

He tells us this model doesn’t come with insurance, and that drivers should be free to choose the insurance plan thats right for them. HONK! (Didn’t he sign off on socialist health care?)

He says he’s pro-life. HONK! Pro-gay rights! HONK! Or was that anti-gay rights? HONK! Tough on spending! HONK! Will enforce immigration laws! HONK!

And now he tells us this model is just the change we need. HONK! HONK! HONK!

The ever-evolving Mitt has apparently decided, in his latest pitch, that the way to ingratiate himself to Republican buyers is to haul off and smack them in the face with some of his competitor’s false advertising and tell us everything wrong with the auto industry is our fault…

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is scolding his party in a nationally broadcast ad Sunday and in an open letter to party leaders that asserts that the blame for Washington’s dysfunction does not rest just with Democrats.

…In the ad and in the letter, Romney wags his finger at the party, portraying Washington Republicans as riddled by scandal and profligate spending. Without naming them, he also distinguishes himself from President Bush and two of his main rivals on the subject of immigration.

“Washington is busy pointing fingers, assigning blame, and spending too much money. There is too much talk and too little action,” he writes in his letter, which will appear in full page ads Monday in New Hampshire’s Manchester Union-Leader and the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call.

“The blame, we must admit, does not belong to just one party. If we’re going to change Washington, Republicans have to put our own house in order.”

That’s it! Forget it! …I’m not buying! Mitt Romney is a lemon!

Yes, Republicans spent too much. But they’ve already been thoroughly excoriated by the base for it. Mitt may not have noticed, but there’s been an election since then in which a great many Republicans lost their seats, and the remaining Republicans lost their majority. Not because Americans were so enthralled with Democrats, but because a great many disenchanted Republican voters stayed home.

And yes, there were a few Republican scandals — a few — which Democrats and their propaganda department, the mainstream media, managed to smear the entire party with — but I might remind Mr. Romney that Republicans have kicked those members out (with the exception of Larry Craig, who is being shown the door).

Meanwhile, Democrats have not only fought to spend vastly more than their GOP counterparts on every single issue facing congress since 2000, but they’ve been trying their hardest to raise taxes and increase spending ever since they took control.

Where is that commercial?

They’ve also had a whole slew of scandals that have gotten nowhere near the same amount of attention. Real scandals, not toe-tapping, but war-profiteering, destruction of top-secret materials, embezzlement, corrupt land deals, and major fund-raising scandals just to name a few. Yet not one of them has been kicked out of the Democrat party, or even suffered so much as an uncomfortable question from the press. Indeed one of them is well on her way to coronation at the Democrat National Convention.

“Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

~ Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment

If Mr. Olympics thinks the way to win is to bash President Bush and pig pile on Republicans with the media and Democrats — eager to rehash the 2006 election instead of fighting the 2008 election — then its past time for him to go.

Republicans are tired of being attacked and tired of leaders that don’t stand up to Democrats’ lies and false accusations. More than tired, we’re sick to death of it. We’ll take our lumps when we deserve them, but we’ve been absolutely bludgeoned with a seemingly endless string of phony charges and trumped-up scandals. And its time for someone besides the little guys to do something about it.

The point is this: We can tolerate differing opinions, the Republican party is a big tent, and the debate is healthy. But there is an enormous difference between disagreement, or criticism — and disloyal opportunism. Mitt Romney has shown an enormous lack of character in employing the latter, and we shouldn’t tolerate it.

The last thing Republicans need or want is this self-serving, flip-flopping, used-car salesman bashing our President and our Party in order to promote himself. There’s plenty of that to be had on the other side.

It’s time to kick Mitt Romney, and the lemon he’s selling, to the curb.

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