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Nanny Huckabee is No Conservative! by American Elephant
October 26, 2007, 1:46 am
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Nanny Huckabee and Bill Clinton

Almost two months ago I wrote on this blog that,

“Governor Huckabee has just demonstrated without a doubt that he is no conservative. and has no clue what the constitutional role of the federal government is or ever was intended to be. He’s proven, probably without realizing it, that he is just another full-fledged, big-intrusive-government, nanny-state politician.”

Today I was joined in that assessment by John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and a whole slew of conservative leaders.

Back in August, I knew, as soon as Huckabee made clear he would enthusiastically favor and sign a nationwide smoking ban, that he is not conservative, doesnt understand conservatism, has no clue about the constitution or federalism and is nothing but another big-government nanny-state politician.

Seems I was right.

Phyllis Schlafly, according to Fund, says, “He destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas, and left the Republican Party a shambles.”

Even his former aides are speaking out to warn Republicans that Huckabee is more like Bill Clinton than Ronald Reagan. Indeed, the frequency and ease with which he has abandoned conservative principles should be highly worrisome to all conservatives.

Read Fund’s column on Huckabee in it’s entirety. It’s a must read for anyone supporting Nanny Huckabee’s campaign.

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Who do you think the best “conservative Republican” candidate would be? It is a question my husband and I are stuggling with everyday. I am curious as to what others think.


Comment by jenuinejen

Oh, just scrolled all the way down and saw the Rudy widget. I guess that is who you are supporting.


Comment by jenuinejen

I will support any of the Republican candidates over their Democrat counterparts, but I’ve read, and tried to share, some very frightening things about Huckabee that suggest he is not at all conservative, and has some problems with ethics and honesty as well. And these are from real conservatives I trust like John Fund and Phyllis Schlafly.

And yes, Rudy so far is my preffered candidate. He is, I think, more conservative than the press makes him out to be. I think hes an honest man who we can count on to live up to his word. He is a very strong fiscal conservative, he has a solid plan to reform healthcare based on market principles, I believe he will appoint strict constructionists, I think he will be a strong spokesman for conservative principles, and I think his demonstrated willingness to confront both Democrats and the liberal media is unique in the candidates and a characteristic we should all be looking for in a candidate. I think Bush’s unwillingness to do so has been one of his major flaws and the one that has most contributed to his and Republicans abysmal approval numbers.

Hows that?


Comment by American Elephant

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