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Novak Joins Conservatives Warning Against Huckabee by Emerald City Elephant
November 26, 2007, 1:29 pm
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Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton

As Iowa edges closer to the polls, columnist Bob Novak has joined the ever-lengthening list of conservative icons speaking out against Mike Huckabee. A list that is quickly becoming a who’s who of the conservative movement’s leaders and brightest thinkers. So far the list includes, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Phyllis Schlafly, National Review, The American Spectator, The Club for Growth (Huckabee White Paper here), The CATO Institute, The Economist, Ann Coulter (on the Michael Medved Show), Rich Lowry, and now Bob Novak slams Huckabee as,

“…a high-tax, protectionist advocate of big government and a strong hand in the Oval Office directing the lives of Americans.”

Novak goes on, as others have, to describe Huckabee as a man with a nasty, vindictive streak. Just what American politics needs! More nastiness!

And like others who have said Huckabee is much closer to a Bill Clinton type than a Ronald Reagan, Bob Novak points to Huckabee’s record as governor of Arkansas, positions and public record to prove his point:

There is no doubt about Huckabee’s record during a decade in Little Rock. He was regarded by fellow Republican governors as a compulsive tax-and-spender. He increased the Arkansas tax burden 47 percent, boosting the levies on gasoline and cigarettes. When he lost 100 pounds and decided to press his new lifestyle on the American people, he was hardly being a Goldwater-Reagan libertarian.

…Huckabee simply does not fit within normal boundaries of economic conservatism, such as when he criticized President Bush’s veto of a Democratic expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Calling global warming a “moral issue” mandating “a biblical duty” to prevent climate change, he has endorsed a cap-and-trade system that is anathema to the free market…

Huckabee clearly departs from the mainstream of the conservative movement in his confusion of “growth” with “greed.” Such ad hominem attacks are part of his intuitive response to criticism from the Club for Growth and the libertarian Cato Institute about his record as governor. On “Fox News Sunday” on Nov. 18, he called the “tactics” of the Club for Growth “some of the most despicable in politics today. It’s why I love to call them the Club for Greed, because they won’t tell you who gave their money.” In fact, all contributors to the organization’s political action committee (which produces campaign ads) are publicly revealed, as are most donors financing issue ads.

That record is providing a clear picture of the direction Huckabee would take America and the Republican party in stark contrast with the image the candidate is trying to portray. A direction neither America nor Republicans can afford to pursue.

Cool Site of the Day by Emerald City Elephant
November 26, 2007, 12:58 pm
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Cat on Keyboard

It doesnt take fancy flash graphics or big budget design to become our Cool Site of the Day. Sometimes all you need to do is make us chuckle.

And anyone who owns or loves cats should get a good chuckle from the universal truths found on this page of Cat Haiku.

You’re always typing.
Well, let’s see you ignore my
sitting on your hands.

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