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America Loses Key Ally by Emerald City Elephant
November 27, 2007, 4:43 am
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Australian Prime Minister John Howard

In case you missed it, Australia just held elections this past Saturday, and after an eleven-year run (the second longest in that nation’s history), Prime Minister John Howard and his ruling Liberal party were defeated by a healthy 7% margin.

Howard, a strong conservative, has been a stalwart ally of the United States, especially in the war on terror and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has led Australia into a robust economy with full employment and a stunning 11 consecutive years of growth.

If Americans could elect foreign born presidents, John Howard, not Schwarzenegger, is the man I would want to recruit.

Howard’s replacement, the Labour Party’s Kevin Rudd, has apparently committed to pulling Australia’s troops slowly from Iraq, beginning in 2008. (The election had very little to do with Iraq and more to do wtih a desire for change after 11 years of the same leader) The editors at national Review suggest Rudd’s domestic policies will resemble those of Tony Blair in Great Britain — not good news for Australia if you ask me.

John Howard was a great friend of the United States, an outspoken ally, and a great leader of the Australian people. For that we are VERY grateful and very sorry to see him go!

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