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Democrats Embrace Failed Abu Ghraib General, Trash Successful One by American Elephant
November 28, 2007, 5:13 am
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General Ricardo Sanchez

Jack Kelly makes an excellent point on Real Clear Politics.

In rebuttal to President Bush’s weekly radio address thanking the troops for their service (yes, apparently Democrats felt that gratitude required a rebuttal), Democrats had retired 3-star General Ricardo Sanchez criticize what is now almost universally recognized as monumental progress in Iraq as a failure, and call for America to leave Iraq. (This just as Iraq is about to ask the US to stay)

General Sanchez, Kelley points out, was forced to retire (translation: fired) because he was the General in charge of the Abu Ghraib fiasco and was also the General in charge of operations in Iraq when the insurgency took root.

So here we have Democrats putting forth the man who is in large part responsible for our most grievous failures in Iraq as their spokesman just shortly after viciously smearing and trashing General David Petraeus as a liar. Petraeus is the General responsible for cleaning up after Sanchez, responsible for perhaps the most successful counter-insurgency ever, and who is currently winning the war.

Democrats once again prove they are determined to undermine America for their own political gain at any cost.

I encourage you to read Kelly’s entire piece here.

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