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LA Times Slams CNN as “Corrupt, Incompetent” by American Elephant


Harsh, and appropriate, criticism of CNN’s Republican YouTube debate shenannigans from the LA Times:

In fact, this most recent debacle masquerading as a presidential debate raises serious questions about whether CNN is ethically or professionally suitable to play the political role the Democratic and Republican parties recently have conceded it.

Selecting a president is, more than ever, a life and death business, and a news organization that consciously injects itself into the process, as CNN did by hosting Wednesday’s debate, incurs a special responsibility to conduct itself in a dispassionate and, most of all, disinterested fashion. When one considers CNN’s performance, however, the adjectives that leap to mind are corrupt and incompetent. [read more]

At last count, Michelle Malkin had SEVEN Democrat operative plants in the debate. But lest you worry CNN isn’t fair or balanced, the Democrat debate was also plagued by Democrat political plants.

The “mainstream” media has moved far beyond bias and well into blatant propaganda and advocacy. These truly are dark times in the news industry, and as such, dangerous times for the republic.

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Hilarious post. Shameful shenanigans.

I couldn’t guess what you think about Alan Keyes, but I invite you to read my post about him.


Comment by renaissanceguy

I must admit I don’t know a great deal about Alan Keyes. I do know he is a passionate and skilled public speaker. But all I can remember about his last presidential bid was that he said some things that troubled me — I can’t remember what they were, only that they troubled me a whole bunch. (Sorry for such a vague answer.) And I think the main reason he is viewed as unelectable, as you mention, is that he has run for several different offices several times and lost fairly badly every time. I guess I would personally like to see him run for and win something a little lower on the totem pole before he asks me to support his presidential bid.


Comment by American Elephant

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