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Hillary Cried, Obama Died… by American Elephant
January 9, 2008, 5:00 am
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Apparently, I give Democrats too much credit.

I was going to write last night about how I thought Hillary’s misty moment would be her “Dean Scream” — the  over-the-top emotional display that would surely destroy whatever support she had left. That and the “Iron My Shirt” protestors who interupted her campaign rally.

Surely her supporters wouldn’t fall for these obvious plants! I mean, if they can see lies and corruption where even the 9/11 Commission can’t, then certainly they can recognize Hillary’s crocodile tears over the future of the country when she was asked a question about her hair??? Puhlease!

And even the very deepest Kool-aid drinkers would realize real protesters would denounce Hillary for her support of the war, or complain about some policy disagreement, or her laundry list of corruption? But “Iron My Shirt”???  Who in the world would take the time and effort to hand-paint signs and sneak them into a high-security rally to make themselves look stupid? No, these protesters were not real Americans, they were caricatures of what liberals think real Americans are. Straw-protesters, obviously set up for Hillary to knock down and play the victim. 

And play the victim she did! The crowd ate it up!


So apparently I have grossly underestimated Democrat voters ability to fall for even the most blatantly phony theatrics! In one day Hillary went from trailing Oprahbama by double digits, to an unexpected victory in the New Hampshire primary.

What a bunch of suckers!

But then I forget, these are people who think “Dare to Hope” isn’t just a cheesy platitude, a Hallmark sentiment — somehow they believe it’s something much more than just empty, meaningless, saccharine tripe.

Lord, help us!

But be warned! Prepare yourselves… Hillary’s stunts worked, therefore, you will be seeing a LOT more of them. More tears, more plants, and an extra-heavy helping of victimhood from the Democrat campaign trail, especially from the Clinton camp.

It’s going to be a very long, very nauseating campaign.

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