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What Now Democrats?…Iraqis Pass Another Key Benchmark by American Elephant

Iraqi parliament

First, Democrats declared, “The War is lost!” and the surge a failure before all the troops had even arrived in Iraq.

Then, Democrats called General Petraeus a liar and a Bush-puppet for his report (which ended up refuting all their erroneous claims) before they had even heard the report! (, one of the Democrats most powerful activist groups even called General Petraeus a traitor.)

When it became blatantly obvious that the surge really was working, and working incredibly well, dramatically reducing all categories of violence and death, Democrats began their latest excuse to abandon our new allies in Iraq in their hour of need — because Iraqis supposedly weren’t making any political progress.

Just 4 days ago, Harry Reid claimed that Iraqis were no closer to political reconciliation than when the surge began, despite the fact that Iraq officials have now met 5 benchmarks and made significant progress on at least 4 others.

Yesterday, the Iraqi parliament passed another key benchmark allowing former Baathists to return to public life. The Baath party were a small minority loyal to Saddam Hussein that held power over Iraq’s majority Shia, enjoying great perks while the Shia suffered under tyranny. Nevertheless the two are working with eachother for the betterment of Iraq as a whole.

Compare this with American Democrats who have utterly refused to compromise with Republicans for six long  years on a whole host of important issues.  They refused to compromise on Social Security reform, even refusing to offer their own alternative, despite GAO warnings that SS is well on the way to bankruptcy. They refused to compromise on any energy bill that included actually producing more energy domestically despite brown-outs, grid failures and soaring energy prices. They refused to compromise on tort reform, school choice, and I could go on and on.

The fact is that Iraqis have compromised with each other far more than Democrats have compromised with Republicans. The only thing Democrats have compromised in the past 6 years has been the truth, national security and the national interest — all for partisan political gain.

Iraq will succeed despite all the Democrats efforts to sabotage it, and history will remember President Bush very well for it. It will also remember today’s Democrats with utter contempt.

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