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There is Hope for the Public Schools–Maybe by The Elephant's Child
January 17, 2008, 6:44 pm
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It is a quandry.  We know that our schools are not doing the job that they should.  Math and science take a back seat to multiculturalism and diversity.  High school students cannot make change without the help of a cash register that tells them exactly how much to return to the customer.  Examples of public writing are bereft of clear thought, grammar and spelling.  Yet when we visit the school and our child’s teacher tells us how delightful our child is and what a pleasure to have in class, well, of course, we melt. 

Every politician is currently promising to fix education, ignoring the fact that education is not the job of the federal government.  Education specialists and activists are busily doing studies and writing papers on just how to go about reforming education, but the conversation seldom includes the people who care most, the parents. 

Recent studies show that schools of education, to varying degrees, are more interested in teaching multiculturalism than in teaching math, and sometimes, it is way more. Multiculturalism is, of course, the notion that all cultures are equally valuable, and none is better than another.  It would seem that this nonsense should have been settled on 9/11.

There has been some success in reforming the curriculum, in particular in the “Massachusetts miracle”.  Sol Stern writes about instructional reform in  City Journal.  Read the whole thing.

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