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Democrats’ Newspeak by American Elephant

Democrats, when not re-writing history, are busily re-defining English. So, before the Ministry of Truth changes all the dictionaries, here is the real meaning of the word “rebate”. You may want to scribble it down on a piece of paper and hide it somewhere to keep it safe:

re·bate [ r bàyt nmoney paid back: money that is paid back, e.g. because somebody has overpaid a tax or is entitled to a refund.

Now it means redistribution of wealth. A government enforced cash handout from people who pay income taxes to people who never paid them in the first place. Funny how similar this is to their definition of “Healthcare”.


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American Elephants, how right you are. I blogged about this very thing–two posts. I would appreciate your weighing in on my blog. People are mixing all kinds of things into the debate, but you have succinctly stated the real problem. Words have accepted meanings, and rebate doesn’t mean getting a handout.


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