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And Then There Were Two… by American Elephant

Rudy Giuliani

…unless you’re counting Crazy Uncle Paul and Nanny Huckabee — which I don’t.

The best of all candidates for President of the United States, Rudy Giuliani, withdrew from the race yesterday, and endorsed John McCain. It’s certainly a disappointment, but not unexpected. It became clear after his name dropped out of the headlines, that putting all his eggs in the proverbial Floridian basket may not have been the wisest strategy.

But Rudy was still, in our estimation, the best man for the times.

He was right on all the most important issues facing us today. Iraq, Homeland Security, the War on Terror. He had the right prescription for health-care and the economy, and he was our very best hope, we think, to get conservative judges and justices appointed to the courts.

But there is something else, something important, that Rudy had which the rest of the Republican field lacks — a long record of taking on, and beating, Democrats and the liberal press to advance and implement conservative principles. “Consensus is the absence of leadership,” said Margaret Thatcher. I fear we are left with no leaders and only consensus-seekers.

And it is not just Democrat politicians and the liberal press that need to be taken on, there is  liberal establishment in the CIA, Justice, and the State Department that are doing America great harm and are openly defiant of the Republican administrations they serve under. This is no minor problem. They are going to get Americans killed (if they haven’t already). Aggressive interrogation, Guantanamo, the Terrorist Surveillance Program, data mining… these are just some of the essential tools in keeping America safe that partisan liberal lifers in these departments have leaked and turned into scandals to Americans’ peril.

This was a problem even Bush and Cheney could not overcome, and someone has to clean house before these treasonous bureaucrats get us all killed. Rudy is the only man that I can see even taking on the problem, and he has the law and order record, and the occasional pit-bull temperament necessary to get it done.

I still hope he will be appointed Attorney General or Secretary of Homeland Security.

As for who to vote for now? Well, looks like I’ve got a lot of thinking left to do…

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“But there is something else, something important, that Rudy had which the rest of the Republican field lacks — a long record of taking on, and beating, Democrats and the liberal press to advance and implement conservative principles. ”

Wow, you have completely ignored Mitt, he governed pretty conservatively in Massachusetts against that insanely liberal legislature.

As for Rudy, all he would have been a good president, except it would have been a presidency continually embroiled in scandal. He couldn’t even get past the first half of the primary season without scandal, do you think that once he was President all of that would have gone away? no way.

Also, I just posted an article about Giuliani’s terrible strategy:

Giuliani was a strong candidate with a terrible, terrible strategy.


Comment by Swint

Yes, the media went after Rudy in a big way. Turns out that none of the scandals they tried to smear him with actually were scandals. But by the time that information came out, the media were conveniently ignoring Rudy.

The fact that the media tried to smear him doesnt mean he did anything illegal or scandalous, he didnt. The media has tried to “get” president Bush with one phony scandal after another. If you don’t know that an accusation of wrongdoing doesnt mean actual wrongdoing, you should learn it pretty quick.

As far as Mitt, I would very much like to see any evidence of him pushing and passing conservative policy in the face of liberal opposition — I know he vetoed some things, and compromised a lot, but thats not the same thing. And if I felt he had the temperment to fight when its the right thing, rather than compromise, I’d feel a lot better about getting behind him.


Comment by American Elephant

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