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Is Are College Kidz lerning Enything? by The Elephant's Child
February 28, 2008, 8:56 pm
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College Students

American college seniors are deeply ignorant about America’s history, political thought, free market economy and foreign relations. Approximately 7,000 college seniors who took the American civic literacy exam received an “F”. The average score was 54.2%, consistent with last years average score of 53.2%. The average senior failed all four subjects, scoring under 60% in each one.

Harvard seniors scored highest, but their average of 69.6% was only a “D+”. At 18 colleges, the average senior scored less than 50%. Depressing.

Now here’s the scary part—you can take the test and see how well you can do:

Take the Test

Never fear. The results come back instantaneously and privately. No one will ever know.

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I scored 86.26%, and I’m certainly no historian. That I can score over 30 points higher than college seniors and almost 20 points higher than Harvard seniors is only more evidence how screwed up our institutions of “higher learning” are.


Comment by American Elephant

Eh, I was recently a college senior (a little less than a year ago) and I score 90.91%. I also went to a small midwestern college, so I am not too worried.


Comment by Andrew Alexander

Hooray for you, and congratulations. There are still some great professors out there, and plenty of opportunity for real learning, but the trend is not encouraging.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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