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The Big Winner Between Hillary and Obama? …John McCain by American Elephant

John and Cindy McCain

The big winner in the fight for the Democrat nomination is John McCain.

The months and weeks ahead are going to get increasingly messy between Hillary and Obama as they each scramble to get/maintain the momentum into the convention. Hillary will try to get Florida and Michigan seated at the convention, with the old stand-by, “Every vote should count!” Obama will try to prevent them from being seated, and if he loses that battle, then he will push for a new vote in those states which Hillary will try to prevent. Democrat voters will hopefully see that the same party that called for “every vote to count” in 2000 is now fighting to prevent their votes from counting. (Republicans should work to ensure voters see this).

Democrats will become increasingly divided. Hopefully bitterly so. There will be name calling and accusations. They will spend millions trying to destroy each other.

In other words, it will truly be a beautiful, joyous thing. (wipes tear from eye)

And while this is going on, John McCain will be defining his opponents to the voters, explaining why his policies are better, and getting everything in place for the general election.

A brokered Democrat convention is almost ensured. The media may have given Obama all the kid-glove treatment he is going to get. It is entirely possible that the Obamafad could pass by convention-time and even though he is sure to have more of the “popular vote”, Hillary may have all the momentum going into the convention. If this happens, the super-delegates may very well put Hillary over the top. (Can you imagine if Hillary wins the nomination even though Obama won more of the popular vote? Oh the schadenfreude!)

The point is, that Democrats wont even know who their candidate is until the convention. And if Obama and Hillary don’t form a unity ticket, the Democrat party may become bitterly divided. If they do, they may enjoy a bump in the polls from it, but the Republican convention is after the Democrats and would likely destroy any bump they get, and serve McCain very well.

I don’t make predictions, these are just my thoughts and some possibilities.

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