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Ten is a nice round number. by The Elephant's Child

Why are lists of ten popular? Some factoids to keep one sensible.

  1. “Global Warming” hysteria was born and has its entire existence in predictions of future temperatures by computer models; models that have been unable to predict current temperature.
  2. Al Gore and the IPCC were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize, but it was not a science prize, it was the peace prize.
  3. There are no requirements whatsoever to be an ‘environmentalist’. There are more requirements to be a leaf blower or a dishwasher.
  4. Increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere follow increases in temperature, sometimes by as much as 500 or 600 years. Cause must precede the event.
  5. ‘Organic’ is a special term that may be used only for produce that is grown with manure as a fertilizer, and poisonous pyrethrums as a pesticide. It is a marketing ploy, not a guide to health or nutrition.
  6. The rich may get richer, as when Bill Gates or Warren Buffet earn more; but the poor do not get poorer. Zero remains zero.
  7. “The poor”may always be with us, but over time, they are not the same people.
  8. Ignorance of the past leaves one open to complete deception in the present and the future.
  9. The world takes particular notice of the flaws of America because we hang them out in public for all to see and comment on.
  10. History clearly teaches us that individual liberty, the essence of America, must be constantly defended from the encroachment of the state.

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I’ll take a chance here — that you might be open to some facts, rather than the falsehoods that are the basis of this post.

You’re mistaken from the very start. Global warming neither originated with, nor depends on, computer models. The theory of the atmosphere warming the planetary surface goes back to Fourier in the early 19th century. The infrared radiative properties of CO2 were measured in laboratory experiments by John Tyndall in the mid-19th century. The global warming expected from man-made CO2 increase was explored in detail in the seminal work of Svante Arrhenius, published in 1896. All of which is 50 years or so before the invention of the computer.


Comment by Hansen's Bulldog

I wasn’t so clear as I should have been (since corrected). I refer to the contemporary global warming hysteria, not the fact that the Earth is always warming and cooling. Much of the climate catastrophe worry came from the Charles Mann et al. 1998 “hockey stick” curve which was adapted for the IPCC 3rd Assessment Report in 2001. It showed a dramatic upswing in temperature and was taken as proof that the major climatic event of the last 1,000 years was the influence of humans in the 20th century. An article in Geophysical Research Letters casts serious doubt on this. Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick examined the Mann et al. methodology which included a step that guaranteed a “hockey stick” curve result.

New research from Steven Schwartz of Brookhaven National Lab concludes that Earth’s climate is only about 1/3 as sensitive to carbon dioxide as the IPCC assumes (Journal of Geophysical Research). If Schwartz’s results are correct, that alone would overturn in one fell swoop the IPCC “consensus” and the environmentalists’ climate hysteria.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I’ll take a chance here — that you might be open to some facts, rather than the falsehoods that are the basis of this post.

I think the meaning of her statement was pretty clear. You rightfully pointed out that it was not precise enough, but it sounds suspiciously to me as though you are trying to dismiss everything in her post because you were able to nitpick a choice of words.

But you complained of “falsehoods” in the plural. Please, now that she has corrected the imprecise language, which “falsehoods” were you referring to?

Are you claiming that the computer models on which the IPCC report is based have been able to predict current climate conditions? Which other “falsehoods” were you referring to?

Or could it be that you are the one, “not open to facts?”


Comment by American Elephant

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