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Must See TV by American Elephant

HBO's John Adams

HBO’s epic. seven-part miniseries John Adams, based on the highly acclaimed biography by David McCullough begins tonight. It is getting rave reviews. Michael Medved, aside from being a conservative radio talk show host with an encyclopedic mind, is one of the few film critics I’ve found that I can trust. He has seen it and is simply gushing over it. Says he cannot remember ever recommending anything more.

Alas, I don’t have HBO, but if you do, you may want to check out John Adams tonight at 8 PM/7 C. And if you do watch, tell me what you thought. I will be eagerly awaiting the DVD.

Building a Religion! by Emerald City Elephant

Okay, I know we’ve been a little heavy on the YouTube videos lately, but these two really should be viewed together. The first is highly disturbing, the second a highly amusing commentary on the whole cult of Obama, dredging up an old Cake song to great effect. But watch both, they really do go together…

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