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An Inconvienent Scam by The Elephant's Child

Al Gore Man Bear Pig

Al Gore has upped the ante. His Alliance for Climate Protection is now planning to spend $300,000,000 over three years to convince you and your government that you must settle for a lower standard of living so that Al and his friends can enrich themselves further.

I don’t know Al Gore. Perhaps he truly believes that climate catastrophe is real and imminent. Enough respected climate scientists have said that his movie is full of errors that some caution is required.

Al Gore is not a scientist: he is a politician, an environmental activist, and now a venture capitalist hoping to make money from investing in environmental start-ups. Three years ago Mr. Gore started the $1 billion investment company Generation Investment Management in London, with the former head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, to analyze and invest in publicly traded “sustainable” companies.

In Silicon Valley, Gore has joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm, that has raised $600 milion to invest in technologies that aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. The two firms have begun to pool information.

They argue that to halt global warming, nothing less will be required than a makeover of the $6 trillion global energy business. Coal plants, gas stations, the internal-combustion engine, petrochemicals, plastic bags, even bottled water will have to give way to clean, green, sustainable technologies. “What we are going to have to put into place is a combination of the Manhattan Project, the Apollo project, and the Marshall Plan, and scale it globally,” Gore continues. “It’d be promising too much to say we can do it on our own, but we intend to do our part.” [Read the whole article]

What we know about the science of climate change is changing. According to climate scientist Roy Spencer, “there is no solid published evidence that has ruled out a natural cause for most of our recent warmth — not one peer-reviewed paper. The reason: our measurements of global weather on decadal time scales are insufficient to reject such a possibility. For instance, the last 30 years of the strongest warming could have been caused by a very slight change in cloudiness.”

Twenty-two of the climate models upon which the UN’s IPCC reports depend have been tested by asking them to predict today’s climate. They failed. The evidence for human-caused global warming was always thin, it is now in tatters.

Al Gore, Nobel laureate (Peace prize), who has warned us of catastrophically rising sea levels, has purchased a waterfront condominium in San Francisco. He has warned of our need to cut our carbon footprint and reduce our energy use, yet his monthly bill for heating his pool house in Tennessee is over $500. He jets across the world from meeting to fund-raising to speaking engagement without regard for his own carbon footprint. There’s something rotten in this scenario.

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Losing Your Freedom… a Little at a Time by The Elephant's Child

How much are you willing to allow the government to interfere in your life? To what extent are you willing to give up personal freedoms? We have already been told what kind of shower heads we may have, and what kind of toilets we shall have in our bathrooms. Soon, we will have to change from incandescent lightbulbs to the fluorescent kind. California is considering outlawing fireplaces. When is enough enough? When do you get out the pitchfork and march on city hall or your congressman’s office?

Today, the Japanese government institutes its compulsory “flab checks” for all workers over the age of 40. To stem Japan’s “soaring obesity,” the health ministry has mandated that all waistlines among its 56 million workers over age 40 be below ‘regulation size’ of 33.5 inches (for men). Any company failing to bring its employees’ weight under control — as well as the weights of their family members — will be fined up to 10% of its earnings by the government.

According to government officials as reported by the Independent, 27 million Japanese — that’s about half of all adult workers! — have health indices (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI) that don’t meet ideal numbers. They will be targeted for mandatory medical intervention. That means compulsory medication, because, as we know, health indices have been set so low that most adults with normal aging will fall on the wrong side.

You can imagine the array of weight loss gimmicks and health and fitness machines now being marketed. And “special undergarments” for Japanese businessmen (girdles) are now popular. [Read the whole thing.]

This is happening in a country with almost no fat people. We live in a country where both of the candidates for the Democratic Party nomination want to install government-controlled health care. If you find the idea of government-paid health care appealing (and please remember that the only money the government has, it gets from you) then, having given them control of the purse-strings, you have given them control of your health and your body. It might be wise to keep the Japanese in mind.

Certainly a part of this is the current “fad” of deep concern about obesity, in the media. When the buzz reaches a certain level, bureaucracies feel they must “do something”. And that, too, is a problem.

“A free society, if it is to remain free, requires citizens who take the risk of standing up to be counted, on the issues of the day.”

~Walter Wriston

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