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ABC News Shocker: 5 out of 150,000 Troops Endorse Democrats by American Elephant

US Troops in Iraq

Taking a page directly from Barack Obama’s campaign playbook, ABC “News” traveled to Iraq and was able to find five soldiers who endorse Democrat candidates for president — three for Obama and two for Hillary — which they attempted in a piece called, “Surprising Political Endorsements By U.S. Troops,” to portray as the general consensus among America’s fighting men and women.

Riiiiiight! John McCain leads both Democrats in national polls, but the military, which has a long history of being much more conservative than the general public, and which backed Bush by approximately 73% to 18% over Kerry in 2004, is suddenly gangbusters for the candidates that want to surrender Iraq to terrorists and Iranian-backed militias. Forgive me if I don’t buy it.

One of the first rules of journalism is that anecdotes prove nothing. One of the first rules of propaganda is to use anecdotes to portray what the facts don’t.

No wonder an overwhelming 58% majority of Americans don’t trust journalists to tell them the truth and only a paltry 38% do! A reputation well earned!

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In any group there will always be those who don’t ascribe to the views of the majority. Of course there are military personnel who support the Democrats. Big deal! Move along, folks!

Thanks for pointing out this malpractice of journalism.


Comment by renaissanceguy

Thanks much. As you may have noticed, few things boil my blood like the misleading propaganda and downright lies the MSM intentionally pumps out and propogates.

Differnt think tanks and media watch dogs have published studies that almost uniformly conclude that the MSM has a “slight” left-leaning bias. They usally come to these conclusions by counting the number of “positive” and “negative” stories about the different parties/candidates.

But I think their findings are skewed because they don’t take into account the overall honesty of the stories they count.

For example, CBS’ stories about Bush’s military service based on forgeries would count as a negative story about Bush. This story implying the soldiers are overwhelmingly supporting Democrats would count as a positive story about Democrats. And there are countless other examples.

The problem is that both stories are false or misleading in favor of Democrata. The studies of liberal media bias, I am fairly certain, don’t take this into account. If they did, I’m sure the results of their studies would show a much more dramatic left-leaning bias, more consistent with what conservatives have long known to be true.

Until then, all we can do is continue to point it out as much as possible.


Comment by American Elephant


I saw your site through WordPress. YOUR COLUMN IS FABULOUS! I meet soldiers around the country, and they honor John McCain. Keep fighting the good fight against the Jayson Blair Times and other leftists liars (redundant, I know).

As for me, I would like you to check out my blog

It is “The Tygrrrr Express.” I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much
as I enjoy writing it.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express.

P.S. If you would like to do a link exchange, I get some pretty decent traffic.


Comment by blacktygrrrr

Thank you for the praise. I will defintately check out your blog.


Comment by American Elephant

i’m sorry, i wasn’t aware i was on faux news…. all you guys do is cry…


Comment by john

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