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Did you say “wrong track”? by The Elephant's Child
May 15, 2008, 8:42 pm
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They were back again yesterday with the “America is on the wrong track” thing. Another new poll, I guess. Part of what puts us on the wrong track is the constant proliferation of polls. What does it mean that America is on the wrong track? Says who? And just what do they mean by saying so?

Nobody called me, but I would agree. The artificial price of gasoline is troubling, raised to precarious levels by speculators and a Democrat controlled Congress unwilling to annoy their environmental-activist supporters. The simple and correct response of drilling for more of the oil that we know is there cannot be approved because…?

We cannot build new nuclear plants because wind and solar seem so much more…um…natural and nice. The fact that without vast subsidies (higher taxes) they are not cost effective, is to be ignored. Besides there was Chernobyl and Three Mile Island and where will they put the waste. Did you ever look into any of these supposed problems? Chernobyl was a faulty design, Three Mile Island didn’t hurt anyone, and Yucca Mountain is the safest repository for nuclear waste that can be devised, but I guess you’d rather the nuclear waste sat all over the country in warehouses, perhaps in your neighborhood.

The leaders of an opposition party, which shall remain nameless, have made an unprecedented attack on a war which they authorized and on the Commander-in Chief of that war while American troops were in the field fighting that war. They supported the war until the march-up to Baghdad proved triumphantly successful. When it looked as if President Bush might become a national hero, they turned viciously against the war. Unthinkable to have a popular president. All else has flowed from that moment.

Not quite what others have in mind as “wrong track”. Michael Medved asked those of his listeners last week who really thought President Bush was “the worst president in history” to tell him why. The only constant was the price of gas, over which the President has no control whatsoever. Other reasons cited included the Bilderburgers and Rothschilds, the 9/11 conspiracy, the war for oil conspiracy, the Katrina conspiracy and President Bush’s grandfather. sheesh!

Charles Schumer is out in front of the microphones almost daily trying to portray this as the worst economy since the Great Depression. Unfortunately, the economy is playing him for a fool. Inflation is at 3 percent, down from 4.1% for 2007. Unemployment has dropped to 5.0%. Statistics like these are used to describe a good economy. Some economists are saying that the recession is over. That remains to be seen, but it really, really isn’t the 1930s.

So my idea of “the wrong track” might not be the same as the moonbats, but it is a slightly more sensible reason for thinking something is wrong.

Before you start panicking, do a little research. See if the propaganda the Democrats are handing out has any relation to reality. And relax and take pride in the fabulous country in which you live.

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