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Obama’s “New” Politics by American Elephant

…sound an awful lot like the same old Democrat lies and fear-mongering:

Obama to Seniors: McCain Will Take Your Social Security Away

Still squandering the opportunity to fix Social Security and make retirement better for Americans in order to demagogue the issue, scare voters, and keep them dependent on big government, and thus Democrats.

Can someone remind me again, why we aren’t supposed to call them evil?

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Insofar as “Can someone remind me again, why we aren’t supposed to call them evil?”:

My parents are both retired high school teachers. Very liberal. They are a bit conflicted that their son is a businessman who is fiscally conservative.

While I disagree with my parents on a lot of issues, I think calling them “evil” is harsh. They are very sweet, generous people.

But they never ran a business, never had to fire people or make those tough decisions that those of us who own businesses do.

I think most fiscally liberal people rarely come from a business background. I don’t see them as “evil” so much as mis-aligned.


Comment by serentripity

I wasn’t speaking of Democrat voters, perhaps I should have made that clearer. I was speaking of Barack Obama and Democrat politicians whom I know know better. They are all very wealthy people, all invested in the stock market. They know the Republican plan to allow people to invest part of their SS is safe, they know it would dramatically increase the amount of money people are able to retire on, but they also know that once people realized it was safe, and realized how much better it worked, people would want out of the SS system completely. So they lie to Americans and Demagogue the issue because the success of liberalism and the Democrat party depends on making people dependent on the government. And to lie to people, and prevent them from having better retirements for political gain is evil.


Comment by American Elephant

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