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Democrats give Americans lesson in REAL Fascism by American Elephant

When oil company executives are getting the better of her in Congressional hearings on the price of gas, Democrat Maxine Waters loses it, and accidentally lays it all on the line…

Nor is this an anomaly. We’ve heard this theme before…

Despite the rantings you hear from ignorant liberals about “fascist” Republicans and Bushitlerchimpy — whatever it is they say — this is what fascism really looks like: dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition (the promised “fairness” doctrine). The very definition of fascism.

These people are not joking! They already want to nationalize health care. I have suspected for a long time, given their demagoguery of the oil companies, that this is coming if they get the chance.

They won’t do it in one bold stroke: they know the people wouldn’t accept it. But they will do it stealthfully, incrementally. One bill at a time, demonizing Republicans for not caring all the while. But they will do it.

So, strap yourselves in! If Obama or Hillary take the White House and Democrats increase their control of Congress, this country is in for a drastic lurch to the left — and drastically more expensive and less available energy.

Lord, help us!

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Lord, help us, indeed.

I don’t even mess with the word Fascism because people argue about whether it is a rightist or leftist system. I usually use the term Statism, because it includes all forms of state control, whether they are seen (by themselves or others) as rightist/conservative or leftist/liberal.


Comment by renaissanceguy

Fascism is a loaded word, I admit, but its appropriate nonetheless. If you haven’t read Jonah Goldber’s Liberal Fascism, I recommend it. I link to it in the sidebar.


Comment by American Elephant

[…] committee a few weeks back, the Democrat congresswoman from Los Angeles accidentally let slip that .she wants to seize control of the oil industry. It was frightenting enough when she was a lone […]


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