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Are We Safer? by The Elephant's Child
May 27, 2008, 10:50 pm
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That is the headline from an important piece by John Hinderaker at Power Line blog, on Sunday, when many of you were out at the barbecue. Mr. Hinderaker says:

On the stump, Barack Obama usually concludes his comments on Iraq by saying, “and it hasn’t made us safer.” It is an article of faith on the left that nothing the Bush administration has done has enhanced our security, and, on the contrary, its variouis alleged blunders have only contributed to thenumber of jihadists who want to attack us.

Empirically, however, it seems beyond dispute that something has made us safer since 2001. Over the course of the Bush administration, successful attacks on the United States and its interests overseas have dwindled to virtually nothing.

Some perspective here is required. While most Americans may not have been paying attention, a considerable number of terrorist attacks on America and American interests abroad were launched from the 1980s forward, too many of which were successful. What follows is a partial history:

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