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Is it over? by American Elephant
June 4, 2008, 5:31 am
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Well, technically, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

Democrat pundit, Bob Beckel, claims he’s heard credible rumors that some new bombshell about Michelle Obama will surface — perhaps as soon as today. He naturally blames Republicans, but won’t say what  the bombshell is. Rumors are, there’s possibly a video of her using the term “whitey” as a pejorative in an appearance with Farrakhan.  Ed Morrisey at Hot Air doubts it’s for real.

Who knows! I certainly wouldn’t put it past the senator’s wife, given some of the other things she’s said. But one thing is for sure, if such a tape did surface it would devastate the Obama campaign and put Hillary right back in the race. It would certainly explain why she’s still hanging on.

But I agree, it sounds a little fishy.

I suppose we will find out soon enough.


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The AP is reporting that HIllary will drop out of the race, Friday. Thats what being report on my yahoo page in the yellow breaking news section.


Comment by LCRW

It won’t matter if M Obama says whitey this or whitey that. Its only racism if a white person says any negative about the Obama’s.

With that in mind, will those of us who are not voting for him will be labeled as racist?

Is John McCain racist for running against him? hmmmmm?


Comment by LCRW

Yeah, I’ve heard she is dropping out Friday as well. And I have no doubt the media would try to ignore such a tape, or play it off as inconsequential, and I’m sure some would try to play it off as racist to attack HER for saying it, but still, I don’t see how it wouldn’t devastate Obama’s chances with anyone but the truest believers.


Comment by American Elephant

Well old news now she dropped out, but that bombshell – bring it on! It can be McCain’s piece of candy.


Comment by Resist Liberalism

If she said it, yeah it should definately get out there. The press will try to minimize it, perhaps even ignore it. But nobody knows if it’s real or just rumor.

Obama was asked about it in a press conference and gave one of those non-denial denials where instead of denying she said those things, instead scolded the press for even talking about it. When he was presses specifically, “do you know it to be untrue” he again didnt answer directly, but evaded the question by saying I already answered that.

If it didnt exist, he would be more than happy to deny it outright. So actually, I think its more likely to be true than I did before his press conference.


Comment by American Elephant

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