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They all hate us, right? by The Elephant's Child

D-Day Reenactment

How many times have you heard that everyone in the world hates America (and it’s all Bush’s fault)?  Well, Africans love George Bush. They welcomed him like a rock star. Canada now has a conservative government, as does France, as does Italy, as does Germany. And the Brits are not too fond of Gordon Brown at the present. They love us in Eastern Europe. The Aussies now have a more liberal government, but they still like us. The Iranians like us –it’s only the government of the mullahs that doesn’t. We’re fine with Taiwan, Korea and Japan. India’s a friend. And then there is this odd little story from American Thinker. “The D-Day story the MSM didn’t tell again”

By the thousands, they come. Like ghosts. Dressed in full, authentic World War II battle gear. Standing in small groups on the street corners of St. Mere Eglise, Carentan and the other towns and villages near the coast where the British, Canadians and Americans came ashore in ’44.

They carry M-1s, BARs, Thompsons and holstered .45s. All perfect replicas. Their uniforms display the patches of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. The 29th and 4th Infantry Divisions. Canteens and ammo pouches and med-pacs on their web gear. They wear their hair short. Some have their faces blackened. Several even have Mohawks.

They drive along the coast in long caravans of military vehicles. Willys jeeps by the hundreds, scores of 2½ ton trucks, armored cars, potable water trucks, mobile AA batteries, even a couple of grinding Sherman tanks. They bivouac in olive drab green tent cities. Big and small. Field kitchens smoking. They invade the Normandy area, everywhere.

This is a terrific story that I never heard before.  Do read the whole thing.

A French boy watches a parachute drop by 450 men from the first battalion parachute regiment during a Normandy reenactment. His t-shirt reads,

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Well of course they hate us. The MSM tells us this, so it MUST be true!!! LOL And as for seeing Shifty Powers, that’s awesome. I love the Band of Brothers series,and would have loved to have been able to personally pick the brains of those guys…


Comment by Mike Lovell

I never saw the Band of Brothers series, but have read many other accounts of D-Day. The above picture seems to imply that they carry reenactment so far that they jump out of airplanes? That is dedication. Victor Davis Hanson was just over there leading a tour of battlefields and said that there is a tremendous difference between the country people who love Americans and are deeply grateful even yet, and the city dwellers — socialists all. I just read David Bellavia’s “House to House” about the /Battle of Falluja, and recommend it highly.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Hate to burst your bubble mate, but Aussies arn’t too fond of you either.


Comment by Elspeth

The intelligent ones love us. 🙂

But more to the point, its not important! We do what’s right, we’re more generous than any other nation on earth with both our time and money, our goods and services are the most used on earth, our economic prosperity has lifted billions out of poverty, the nations of the western world almost entirely mooch their self defense off of us, meaning we pay for their security, we lead the world in scientific and technological advances, we have better economic mobility than anywhere else, we’re the ONLY western nation with major national leaders who are ethnic minorities even before Obama was elected, we’re less racist, our standard of living is higher, and we’re far more grateful for what we have.

The only people who dont like us are envious, self-loathing leftists and our enemies.

But have hope! Obama takes office in January and he is certain to make America less wealthy, less generous, less powerful, less free, less trustworthy, and less promising. In other words, everything that will make America more popular with you greedy, envious, self-loathing leftists. 🙂


Comment by American Elephant

[…] “They All Hate Us, Right?” was a post in 2008 about the French reenacters. I don’t know if they are still doing it, but it’s interesting simply because it points out that it isn’t just the current media who don’t know what they are writing about, it’s been going on for a long time. Piper Millin’s story is a good one as well. […]


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