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Obama Moves DNC to Notoriously Corrupt Chicago by American Elephant
June 12, 2008, 11:25 am
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Corrupt Obama

In a major shakeup at the Democratic National Committee — and a departure from tradition — large parts of the committee’s operations are relocating to Chicago to be fully integrated with the Obama campaign. [read more]

Chicago’s notoriously corrupt politics have been very good to Obama. After all, this is the city where liberal judges were convinced to make the unprecedented order to open the divorce records of his two previous opponents. Outlandish decisions in two subsequent elections that had the purely coincidental result of ensuring that Obama won both elections.

With virtually no organized Republican presence in Chicago, this highly unusual move is clearly intended to help the cash-strapped DNC and cash rich Obama campaign pull-off corrupt shenanigans without accountability.

Perhaps Obama’s friend Tony Rezko can help them with their real-estate needs on his way to prison.

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The DNC will soon be hob nobbing with the Polar Bears,
another endangered species, only the Bible says “Save Yourself”
not the party. Perhaps Obama wansn’t in the pews the day they
had that Bible Study.


Comment by Alice Wolf

Well, I hope the DNC doesn’t become extinct, we need more than one party, but I certainly hope their are dealt some very severe electoral blows for their repugnant behavior the past 7 years.


Comment by American Elephant

Speaking as a British supporter of McCain, can you verify the stuff about the opening of divorce records? If so, then that would be VERY interesting and something I would happily repeat on my (oh so small) blog.


Comment by wien1938

Just Google “Barack Obama + opening of opponents’ divorce papers” and you will get many references.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Here’s a good start for you, Wien1928


Comment by American Elephant

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