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Tell Democrats Enough is Enough! by American Elephant

American Solutions has started a petition drive demanding that congress start drilling for oil. They have collected over half a million signatures so far, but their goal is 7 million. Are you tired of paying $4/gallon and more for gas?

As we’ve illustrated before, Republicans have been warning America that supply wasn’t keeping up with demand for decades. Republicans have been trying to increase oil exploration, increase refining capacity, and improve infrastructure for decades. And for decades, Democrats have vetoed and blocked and filibustered Republicans at every turn. For decades Democrats have been lying and demagoguing and demonizing Republicans for “not caring” about the environment, and being in corrupt cahoots with big oil. All of which is a lie. And now Americans are paying the price.

The truth is Republicans are mostly business people — small and large — and other average Americans who know the lifeblood of the world’s economy is energy — especially oil. Without oil, people don’t travel, goods don’t get to market, people don’t work, and people don’t eat. Poor people suffer most, by far!

Barack Obama likes to talk on the stump about a man in Pennsylvania who lost his job and can’t afford the gas to look for a job. (No one seems to have asked him why he didnt give the man some gas money, but that’s another story), but he and the Democrats in congress haven’t done or proposed one thing that would lower the price of gas for that man or the millions like him. In fact, for over a decade they have been blocking every attempt to increase supply and improve infrastructure. The only thing they have done is to increase the price of oil by taxing and regulating oil companies to death.

If I sound like I’m pissed, it’s because I am. These high gas and food prices are hurting millions of Americans, and they wouldn’t be anywhere near as high if it weren’t for Democrats lies and demagoguery.

The fact is, Democrats want high gas prices. Oh, yes, they have the gall to drag oil executives in and demonize them for taking a measly 8 cents on the dollar, knowing all the while that government is taking 47 cents for every 8 cents the oil companies take. But they won’t allow anything that will bring down the price of gas, because they want to make you stop using it.

There is no technology that will replace gasoline right now. And there is nothing that even comes close to replacing gas in the near future. Biofuel costs more, is worse for the environment, produces less energy, and along with gas prices, is driving up the cost of food all over the world.

Electricity? We don’t have enough of that either. And Democrats are blocking that too! It’s not just oil production, but nuclear, hydro, hydrothermal, clean coal, natural gas, you name it. If it isn’t solar and sometimes wind, Democrats are blocking it. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry have been blocking windmills in their state for years because the proposed mills would sully the view of their Cape Cod mansions.

The fact is, Democrats don’t want to bring down the price of oil, or energy, because they want you to use less of it. They don’t want you to drive, they want you to live in dense urban areas and ride mass transit. And they intend to force you to, whether you want to or not. They think you, living your life, is bad for the environment. Unfortunately, it’s not just your gasoline, it’s your light bulbs, your toilets, your showers, your cars, your thermostats, your fireplaces, your grocery bags. Democrats want to tell you how to live, where to live, how, when and where you will travel. And they will be doing it, as they are doing now, by regulating and taxing, ensuring you can’t afford to do anything they don’t want you to..,

Naturally the super rich like Al Gore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Howard Dean, John Edwards, and well, most Democrat elites, can afford all the energy they want. And as they’ve shown, they have no intention of doing without. It’s the people in the world who can least afford to do without cheap energy that they want to force to stop using it.

Sign the petition! America can produce oil cleaner than any other country on Earth, and leave hardly any footprint at all. Contrary to what you’ve been told, there is no shortage of it. Sure, the Earth may run out some day, but that day is hundreds, if not thousands of years from now. And there is no technology that will replace the internal combustion engine any time soon.

We have over a trillion barrels of oil that we know exists and we know we can recover. Democrats are blocking us from drilling off our own coasts, while China and Cuba are already recovering oil just 50 miles off the Eastern seaboard. Think they’re doing it as cleanly as we would?

If we had started when Republicans first passed legislation in the 1990’s, which Bill Clinton vetoed, that oil would be online and at gas stations right now. Refineries would have been built, infrastructure improved, and we wouldn’t be paying anything near what we are now, and we would be much more energy independent. Experts estimate the cost of a gallon of gas would be around 2 dollars. Do you want to find out just how much your life, and the economy can change in another decade without affordable energy?

Tell congress you’ve had enough! Sign the petition! And then forward it to your friends. Drill here! Drill now! Pay less!

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If you really think more oil will make it cost us the consumers less you are more delusional than our current president.


Comment by Adam

What do the democrats have to offer. They’re against drilling, they’re against nuclear power, and they’re for taxing the hell out of oil companies, even though they make less money than Coca Cola (or so I’ve heard).

Someone needs to tell the Bumocrats that for being a party of vision, change, and hope, they sure aren’t committed to any of that, because they don’t think anything needs to be changed with our energy crisis. Sure, if we drill now, prices won’t dramatically drop overnight. But it’s a step in the right direction for energy dependence in the future. Hey, if putting up windmills and solar panels was profitiable and a sure source of energy, the private sector and capitalism would be popping those bad boys up all over the place. Guess what, they’re not. The democrats continue to push alternative energy down our throats but aren’t doing anything about it. They’re running around like chicken little saying “the Globe is warming, the globe is warming!”.

We need to drill now and stop sending our money to the Saudis for them to build their extravagent palaces. Keep American oil money in America.

Obama’s plan to raise taxes on oil companies and force them to invest in alternative energies is downright socialism and how his blind followers can’t see that is a mystery to me.


Comment by nitrain32

Adam, you might want to take a remedial economics course. It’s not called the theory of supply and demand, it’s the law of supply and demand, and it is called that for a reason. Of course, if liberals understood the law of supply and demand, they wouldnt be liberals.


Comment by American Elephant

I agree completely nitrain. One of the main reasons his blind followers don’t get it is because he and the Democrat party keep feeding them lies and talking points like, “we can’t drill our way out of this.” The truth is Democrats don’t want the price of energy to come down, they want people to use less of it. Not understanding that energy is the life blood of the economy. Not understanding that consumerism is what allows people to eat and live. They have instead a religious belief that energy is bad for the environment, and that progress is bad for the environment, and they truly do not understand, as Adam showed above, the economics.


Comment by American Elephant

get off your high crowns and listen to us. we elected you.
drill here drill now!!
right now.


Comment by peri folmlan

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