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Why Iraqis Back McCain by American Elephant

It’s clear that liberal effetes, appeasers and pacifists the world over think Obama would do a better job with Iraq. So do Iraq’s enemies. But Bret Stephens points out in The Wall Street Journal what I think is obvious: if you ask the people who are most invested in success in Iraq, who have the most to lose — the Iraqis themselves — they overhwhelmingly support John McCain:

Today, the governor speaks with a mixture of confidence and foreboding. He insists al Qaeda has been vanquished. But, he adds, “Iraq is in a strategic location and has huge resources. There are a lot of eyes on Iraq.” Later in the conversation, he makes his point more precisely. “Liberating Iraq is a very good dish. And now you are going to hand it over to Iran?”

…The Iraqis are even more incredulous about Mr. Obama’s willingness to negotiate with Iran, which they see as a predatory regime. “Do you Americans forget what the Iranians did to your embassy?” asks the governor. “Don’t you know that Ahmadinejad was one of [the hostage takers]?” 

…Throughout our interview, the men did not stop fingering their prayer beads, as if their future hinges on their ability to make their case to the American public. They’re right: It does. Which is why Iraq, all but alone among the nations, will be praying for a McCain victory on the first Tuesday in November.[read more]

It’s an important point. I encourage you to read the entire column.

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Obviously Mr. Stevens, was doing one of the preferred activities of conservatives in Iraq, speak to some of the few locals that agree with you ( they are also more probable to speak english so its easier). While these types of locals should be backed and supported, you should note that currently 71% of Iraqis support a withdrawal of U.S. troops, even though they acknowledge the success of the surge. Also the people talked to in the article expressed disdain for Iran, this means that they are probably part of the 40% Sunni and not of the 60% Shia in the country. Finally disapproval of Bush remains high in Iraq. Given these facts I consider it more likely that Obama would be favoured there than McCain. Malikis implicit endorsement seems like an indicator, that these preferences are there in the population as well.


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