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Obama Lies His Ass Off — Blames it on Republicans! by American Elephant

Barack Obama Liar Liar

So much for his “new kind of politics.” Barack Obama has perhaps set a new record — the first candidate to break a campaign promise 5 months before the election even takes place!

Obama has long promised he would be a new kind of politician, and that he wanted to run a clean, respectable campaign. Not that anyone but his Kool-aid drinking minions believed him, but he has officially thrown that promise under the bus along with all the friends, associates and family members that have gotten in his way. The dollar signs were too much for him, Barack Obama has now officially broken his promise to enter into the federal elections public financing system, a pledge he made to voters and to John McCain.

Naturally, like any good Democrat, Obama blames his lies on Republicans!

“It’s not an easy decision, and especially because I support a robust system of public financing of elections. But the public financing of presidential elections as it exists today is broken, and we face opponents who’ve become masters at gaming this broken system.”

Sorry, Barry, that lie aint gonna fly. Are you seriously expecting the American people to believe that the system suddenly broke between when you made that pledge and today? Or are you going to claim that you didn’t know it was broken back then? And how precisely is it broken? You fail to mention that.

You should notice also that Obama is pulling this stunt on a Friday, as candidates always do when theyre trying to pull one over on the public, hoping that with the weekend about to start, no one will be paying attention.

The simple fact is Obama has more money. He has raised $265 million to John McCain’s $115 million, and he is breaking his promise to the American people and to John McCain for that reason and that reason only. Funny how quickly Obama abandons his word and his supposed principles for cash.

Obama then tells Americans another bald-faced lie, “And we’ve already seen that he’s not going to stop the smears and attacks from his allies running so-called 527 groups, who will spend millions and millions of dollars in unlimited donations.”

But contrary to Obama’s claim, the AP reports (sorry AP, since you won’t let us quote you, I’m not going to link to you either) that few if any Republican 527’s have weighed in on the election, whereas, a left-wing 527 allied with Barack Obama has already spent millions smearing John McCain, their latest commercial accusing John McCain of wanting to steal babies!

How many lies has Obama been caught in already? Dozens? And he isn’t even the official nominee!

Apparently when Barack Obama says he wants to usher in a “new kind of politics” he means dirtier and more dishonest than ever!

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Snore, the only people reading your crap already believe in it. Try something original.

Comment by Adam

So you believe Obama is telling the truth when he promises to use public funds and then rejects it? Have another glass of Kool Aid, kid.

Comment by American Elephant

boy you need to get real. read ike’s farwell address and then realize that reagan’s cut and run from lebanon is indicative how sad the republicans have become.

Comment by constant comment

Congratulations, you have stumped the host. I can honestly say I haven’t got a clue what your point is, nor how Eisenhower or Reagan are supposed to have anything to do with Obama being a big fat liar.

Comment by American Elephant

Adam, you must believe this if you’re here reading it. It’s a shame that you don’t see that the Obama kool-aid is the same stuff Jim Jones gave his followers.

Constant, the Republicans may have changed (for the worse) but the Dems are the same blockheaded liberals they’ve always been.

Comment by GGH7664

One of the biggest goals of the left is to dumb-down America and if Obama wins, they can mark that goal as accomplished!

Comment by Claudia

Do a google search on republican corruption you’ll still be reading after the elections over.

Comment by john

Thats the thing about power John, it does corrupt. That’s precisely why the Democrat party is inherantly far more corrupt than Republicans. They are the party that wants government to have more and more power over our lives, while Republicans want the government to have as little power as necessary.

Yes, some Republicans are corrupt. But nowhere near the corruption that exists within the Democrat party. Unlike Democrats, when we discover corruption within our ranks, we force them to step down and kick them out of the party if they do not do so themselves in disgrace. Democrats just keep re-electing and promoting their corrupt members. Indeed, we even have rules that require Republicans to step down from leadership positions (if they will not leave) if they are involved in any corruption charges — Democrats have no such rules. In fact, to show how corrupt they are, they abuse the Republicans rules by bringing false charges against people like Tom Delay to force him to step down from leadership. Charges that were so flimsy they were thrown immediately out of court.

And your presidential candidate is already up to his eyeballs in corruption. After a few years in public office he has already had corrupt dealings with Tony Rezko, his wife was given something like a $100,000 raise when he got into office, and he won his first two elections by having the divorce records of his opponents made public.

All of this, and probably more, will come out after he is officially nominated since Obama-zombies such as yourself are too enthralled with their candidate to actually question him before he becomes the nominee, at which time you and the rest of the Democrats will blame Republicans for “smearing” him, when it is simply the truth about who your candidate is.

Much the same way none of you were willing to listen to the reports that John Edwards was cheating on his dying wife. That information has been around for months and months, but Democrats will overlook anything for power.

And that is why your party is so far much more corrupt.

Comment by American Elephant

Thats another problem i have with you I am not a zombie but you seem to resort to name calling whenever someone doesn’t agree with you.I prefer to get my information from many sources. The truth is I am fed up with the incompetent people the republicans have put in positions of importance over the last eight years. obama is not my dream candidate but i can not continue to support the status quo.

Comment by john

You are not a zombie, and you abhor name calling, yet you parrot Democrat talking points, and call Republicans corrupt amd incompetent. Are you familiar with the concept of hypocrisy?

I did what you asked, I googled it, and came up with 428,000 hits. I then googled Democrat corruption and came up with 14,700,000 hits. Which, according to your logic, means Democrats are 34 times as corrupt as Republicans.

If you are not a zombie just name calling and parroting the propaganda and cliches of the left, please explain how it is you came to the conclusion that Republicans are more corrupt than Democrats and have appointed more incompetent people than any other administration, and please tell us, without googling to support your position after the fact, who they are and specifically why they are incompetent.

Because I actually do get my news from many sources, I weigh evidence and arguments against each other in order to get to the facts, and I know that I can prove that the Republican party is both far less corrupt than the Democrat party and has appointed far less incompetent people than any Democrat administration since at least the 1970’s.

Comment by American Elephant

They both have more than acceptable faults but as the father of an american soldier who joined the army to do the honorable thing. I have seen this administration let the terrorist in afganistan regroup while they could only think of iraq’s oil and an opportunity to get it. along the way the people they put in charge of the iraq war made numerous bad calls costing thousands of american lives. I call that incompetence .Thank god it only took them 4 years to start listening to people that are capable of making informed decisions. I may not have your education but I do think for myself as far as my son is concerned he was an honor student and had the opportunity to go to college and will when he is through with his service to this country.

Comment by john

Many thanks to your son, what does he do in the Army?

Actually, if you read the latest reports, no matter who they are from, they all say the same thing, that al Qaeda has been dealt a cripping blow, we have killed or captured enormous numbers of them, their organization is in disarray, and they have lost tremendous amounts of the support they garnered from muslims. And as the father of someone in the army you should know that the reason al Qaeda is re-grouping in Afghanistan, to the extent that they are, is because those that were not killed or captured have mostly fled Iraq in defeat.

If the administration were only thinking of Iraq’s oil and how to get it, all they had to do was buy it from Saddam. He was offering it to us. And sorry, but contrary to your claims, they havent been doing anything to “get” Iraq’s oil, they have been doing everything in their power to give control of Iraq’s oil to Iraq. And Iraq now controls Iraqi oil, not America, so your story just doesn’t fly.

I would also note that you say you are voting for Obama because you cant abide the status quo any longer, but then you admit that the status quo is that the people in charge of Iraq are succeeding. Well, if success is the status quo you can’t stand any longer, then I guess you should vote for Obama, who would have surrendered Iraq to civil war, killing fields and probably regional war, because his judgment on the surge was so horribly wrong.

And finally, who is it you think they put in charge that made bad calls, and more importantly, can you name any war America has been in, with the exception of say Grenada, in which LESS mistakes were made costing less lives? The fact is that yes, mistakes have been made, but every war sees mistakes, that is the nature of war. And this war, under president Bush, has had less mistakes and cost less lives than any other comparable war we’ve ever been in.

Comment by American Elephant

The situation in iraq is politically unstable and could easily decentigrate. al Qaeda appears to be refocusing on afganistan due partially to us and also to the sunni’s who we are paying to be nice but they fear the shiites and there iranian connection that leaves the kurds who trust neither. iran would be a better reason than oil for why we are there. thats not worked out so well either also al Qaedas numbers continually go up due to many in the world hating the west they need to be stamped out.The above has been a distraction because we were in such a rush we were not prepared for what happened the people in charge did not listen to advice from experts who told them they were not sending enough son is in the military police he joined in 2005 much to his disipointment he has not been deployed due to an injury he suffered that was not treated for over a month he was in the feild training his sargent said it could wait. after two surgeries and months of fisical therapy he was told it would be a permanent disability. the surgeon said if it had been treated at time of injury it would be fine now. so much for his law enforcment career plas.back to the people they put in charge Brenner and who he reported to would be responsibly they were warned that they were about to make mistakes also whoever thought it would a good idea to patrol in unarmored hummvies with canvas doors while getting shot at with RPG’s and roadside bombs being planted the list goes on but you fight with the army you have rumsfeld I think we could have taken more time to prepare we were not under imediate threat of a mushroom cloud cheney.As far as i’m concerned the last eight year’s speak for themselves and we haven’t even discussed domestic issues which are plenty. the average working american has been hurt but you would probably not have noticed. as far as past war’s you are supposed to learn from them. I will give you some credit I agreed with you on some point’s.BTW iraq is going back to selling a huge amount of there oil to china.

Comment by john

I’m not impessed with the repubican’s show in washington they had total controll fromm 2000 thru 2006 and drilling for oil was not a priority even if we drill where are we going to refine it

Comment by john

I’m not sure which Republicans you are talking about because republicans have been trying to pass a comprehensive energy package since Bush’s first year in office, indeed it has been a very big priority for Republicans since 1994. But Democrats have vetoed, obstructed and filibustered them at every turn. You may remember Democrats went ballistic because Vice President Cheney had the audacity to consult with the people who provide energy to America when crafting an energy policy.

Comment by American Elephant

wow I like the republican way more. It seems like he has answers and credible information. I will vote for john McCain after reading this. Obama seems like a swindler in true form, I will not drink the kool-aid. Thx!

Comment by leb

Obama is doing FAR more damage than anyone could
have expected. This guy is a TOTAL moron.

Comment by HonestJOhn

Just wait until you people see the new cars he wants you to drive. he’ll have to give in that HEMI he owns. He IS a liar and a hypocrite.

Comment by obama is a hypocrite

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