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El Baradei Will Resign if Iran Attacked. Oh, and By the Way, Iran Could have Nukes in 6 Months by American Elephant

You may have seen the news on Friday that the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamad ElBaradei, warned that he will resign if Iran is attacked. (This is supposed to be a deterrent?)

One teeny tiny little detail the mainstream media neglected to report, however, is that ElBaradei also said Iran could have a nuclear weapon in as little as 6 months. (h/t lgf)

Most people, I think, would consider the latter ever so slightly more newsworthy than the former. Call me crazy.

Then there’s the New York Times ongoing effort to reveal every national security secret they possibly can.

Both of which beg the question, how far does the media have to go before bias becomes duplicity, subversion and treason?

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IAEA is nothing else than

1.) a Think Thank which sells atomic energy ideology around the globe – powered by the “atomic states”
2.) gags the WHO since 1950ies not to publish any other numbers than the IAEA calls “valid”
3.) an organisation where physicans decide over health and not medics
4.) an organisation which is neither scientific nor ethic.
5.) which does not accept critics during their meetings in Vienna.

El Baradei give back your nobel peace price and shut the IAEA down.
And: pay the vicitims of Atomic Power (more than 100,000,000).


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