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MoveOn.Org Gets “Owned” by American Elephant

I don’t know if you saw or heard about the truly ridiculous and despicable ad by in which a mother (or an actress with a child) again misrepresents John McCain’s statements on Iraq, and then tells him basically, “you cant take my baby!” (You can watch the ad here.)

Now, a young military wife has filmed her own ad in response. Ania Egland grew up under communism and is the proud wife of Eric Egland who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ania’s ad simply blows MoveOn out of the water! What an enormous difference between her optimistic, selfless love of country, and MoveOn’s dishonest, selfish, self-righteous, and frankly, immature, hate and bitterness.

I hope everyone who saw the MoveOn ad will see this one. It really epitomizes the difference between the right and left in this country, and the stark difference this election represents.

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And they say Moveon payed a half million for the ad.

Double loser.

Comment by icanplainlysee

Unfortunately they have plenty of money to make and air more — and they won’t all make them look like angry radicals, some of them are bound to be effective.

Comment by American Elephant

I wonder how many children of congressmen, senators, and the rest of the politicos have children serving in Iraq/Afghanistan

Comment by Dan

Quite a few of them. I know John McCain has at least 2 sons in the military, at least one of whom is in Iraq. I believe Duncan Hunter has a son in Iraq. And I know there are quite a few others. But why do you ask?

Comment by American Elephant

I mean absolutely no disrespect to the woman or her family in the video, but a 30 second YouTube video is supposed to stack up to the support behind an organization like MoveOn? Come on…people know its time for a change, Republicans are simply afraid to be out of power (and they know it will happen come November).

Plus who’s to say that the YouTube video wasn’t made by “an actress with a child”….what’s “ridiculous and despicable” is the way that some fail to look at things objectively without blowing them out of proportion.

Comment by Ryan

Yes, George Bush is not eligible for re-election, so by definition it is “time for a change.” But it’s not time for a change for the worse, which is exactly what Barack Obama would be. With half of Jimmy Carter’s administration advising him, and promises of crippling new regulation, taxation and over a trillion in promised new spending, not to mention his naive, childish foreign policy proposals, Obama would be an unmitigated disaster.

what’s “ridiculous and despicable” is the way that some fail to look at things objectively without blowing them out of proportion

You’ve just described the entire membership of the incredibly despicalble

And yes, we know that the woman is not an actress, because she and her husband have identified themselves.

Comment by American Elephant

I hope baby Alex grows up to be a banker and works in a tall building in New York city. That way he will be safe? And if something does happen, lets hope no one comes to help little Alex because all the mommies said not my son!

Comment by Jim

You call MoveOn self-righteous, and I don’t necessarily agree with their video either. However, isn’t it a little self-righteous to invade other countries and impose American ideas/values?

Comment by Bill

P.S. Jim, Iraq had nothing to do with those tall buildings being destroyed.

Comment by Bill

Bill, Evil can only exist when good men do nothing.Who said tall building had anything Iraq? I was taking a shot at the 3 million members of Morons Dot Org and their baby Alex ad.

Comment by Jim

You can’t “impose” freedom or democracy, because the minute someone has freedom, they are free to give it up if they want. The thing that you don’t seem to get, is that Iraqi’s like freedom and democracy and want to keep them.

And yes, I suppose it is “self-righteous” to remove someone from power when they have broken every condition of the cease-fire they agreed to, but only in the sense that, yes, we had the right to do it.

Comment by American Elephant

you’ve all made an interpretive error. the mother is a metaphor for the mothers of bush and cheney who refused to put country first when they were called!

Comment by mark essex

LOL. Hardly. Unlike both of your candidates, Obama and Biden, President Bush did put his country first and joined the military to fly planes like his father. Vice President Cheney did get normal deferments for school and family and has been serving his country in leadership ever since. Meanwhile not only is John Mccain a war hero with decades of military service, but his son and Sarah Palin’s son are both serving as well.

And what has Barack Obama done? Nothing but promote himself! The minute he gets elected for one office, he begins running for another. He spent his career in the Illinois senate voting “present” and has served only a few months in the Senate before he abandoned his job to run for President.

A crystal clear example of Republicans putting country first, and Democrats putting self and party first — as always.

Comment by American Elephant

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