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Obama Losing Ground by American Elephant
June 30, 2008, 12:52 am
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Senator John McCain

Time magazine joins Gallup and Rasmussen in showing a virtual dead heat between McCain and Obama. Gone, if it ever existed, is any “bump” Obama got from clinching the nomination.

This should be particularly disturbing to the Obama camp considering news analysis shows that Obama-only stories outnumber McCain-only stories by 4 to 1.

But not only is Obama losing ground to McCain, he has lost the Iraq issue, with voters trusting McCain more to deal with it best, and McCain leads Obama by 20 points when voters are asked who will best protect the country.

As Ed Morrissey at Hot air notes, the more people see of Obama, the less they seem to like him.

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Sounds like not only is he losing ground, but having problems now in Florida! I think we can expect more of this from here on out!


Comment by goodtimepolitics

Well. I hope we can’t expect more of those sorts of dirty tricks, but if recent elections are any guide, Democrats will be up to a lot more of them before November.


Comment by American Elephant

Hillary could still get it. She only suspended her campaign and the superdelegates are the “safety net” for keeping a candidate just like Barrack “Millhouse” Obama from being in the general election. As he makes blunder after blunder, the liberals are just begining to realize what a big mistake they made and the rock star/new messiah aura around Obama is starting to wear thin, mainly because he has to actually talk about policies and substance rather than “Change and Hope”.


Comment by Greg

Boy oh boy… McCain has my best wishes. I DO NOT want Obama to win!


Comment by GrandGizmo

We live in an Obama neighborhood. It’s fascinating to go to other parts of the country + see McCain merchandising.


Comment by zenprop

I am from a moderately conservative oasis in the Seattle area. I feel your pain.


Comment by American Elephant

[…] Obama Losing Ground « American Elephants […]


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