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While Rome Burns… by American Elephant

World Leaders kick off global food-crisis summit with lavish 8 course dinner:

The dinner consisted of 18 dishes in eight courses including caviar, smoked salmon, Kyoto beef and a “G8 fantasy dessert”.

The banquet was accompanied by five different wines from around the world including champagne, a French Bourgogne and sake.

African leaders including the heads of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Senegal who had taken part in talks during the day were not invited to the function.

The dinner came just hours after a “working lunch” consisting of six courses including white asparagus and truffle soup, crab and a supreme of chicken.

…On the flight to the summit, Mr Brown urged Britons to cut food waste as part of a global drive to help avert the food crisis. [emphasis mine]

Symbolism matters. This was a boneheaded move by all those involved.

Liberals are Coming for Your Cars by American Elephant

“Environmentalists” hate cars. They hate energy. They don’t want the price of gas to come down — they want it to go up! If it isn’t clear to you already, they want to force you out of your car.

In their latest bid to do just that, liberals in California have passed a law requiring all cars for sale to display a “Global Warming Score” much like a pack of cigarettes carries the Surgeon General’s warning:

The labeling law forces cars for sale to display a global warming score, on a scale of one to 10, which is based on how vehicles in the same model year compare to one another. The higher the score, the cleaner a car is. The score takes into account emissions related to production of fuel for each vehicle as well as the direct emissions from vehicles.

The score will be displayed next to the already-required smog score, which also rates cars one to 10 for how many smog-forming emissions they emit. For both scores, an average vehicle will have a score of five. [read more]

Innocuous sounding enough, aside from the extra regulation, enforcement and costs of compliance in an already over-regulated industry — until you consider that, “a proposed law in the European Union would require E.U. public sector bodies put a price on emissions,” and that liberal legislatures around the country have already floated similar trial balloons here, seeking to tax your car’s “carbon footprint.” Then it becomes clear this is just preparation for precisely such a tax.

Once they know your car’s “Global Warming Score”, they can slap a tax on any score they deem unacceptable. So their aim is actually two-fold. Not only do they seek to force you out of your cars by making it increasingly expensive, for those who insist on driving, they are going to choose what you can and cannot drive by making cars they don’t approve of prohibitively expensive.

Like all liberal policies, this will be hardest on the poor. Already punished with high gas prices that are the natural result of Democrat obstruction of efforts to increase domestic energy supply for three decades, the poor are also the least able to go out and buy more fuel efficient cars. How much harder will it be for people to get ahead when they have to depend on the government to move them around?

I will keep saying it, and showing it, until I am blue in the face; “environmentalism” is the new totalitarianism. Václav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic, all too familiar with totalitarianism, agrees. He was spot on when he said recently that there is no aspect of your life that government cannot control when “saving the Earth” is the goal.

And that is precisely what the left intends to do.

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