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What Judgment? Obama Scraps Visit to Wounded Troops in Favor of Campaign Stunt by American Elephant

Priorities, priorities, priorities….

Barack Obama goes to Germany and has no time to visit wounded American service men and women, but all the time in the world for a campaign stunt in front of thousands of appreciative, ignorant, German socialist youths, go to the gym, and even to sight-see!

His campaign then has the audacity to claim it would be inappropriate to visit the wounded troops on a campaign funded journey. Um? WTF? You’re only willing to visit the young Americans who have given their blood in Americas defense of our country if the taxpayers are paying for it? Not on your own dime?

Or perhaps you think Americans are stupid enough to believe that you couldn’t go visit the troops and tell the media they aren’t welcome to come? A little hard to swallow considering President Bush does just that all the time, and especially considering you already prohibit the press from asking you any number of questions, and demand that they not have microphones when they ask you questions.

The fact is, Senator Obama, you have appalling judgment! And you lie to cover up for it.

More on his equally appalling speech later.

Not a good development. by American Elephant
July 24, 2008, 1:00 am
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It’s popular on television, so it should work in the movies, right? That is how producers think at least. Let’s hope they’re wrong. “Reality TV” makes the jump to the big screen.

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