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What Judgment? Obama Scraps Visit to Wounded Troops in Favor of Campaign Stunt by American Elephant

Priorities, priorities, priorities….

Barack Obama goes to Germany and has no time to visit wounded American service men and women, but all the time in the world for a campaign stunt in front of thousands of appreciative, ignorant, German socialist youths, go to the gym, and even to sight-see!

His campaign then has the audacity to claim it would be inappropriate to visit the wounded troops on a campaign funded journey. Um? WTF? You’re only willing to visit the young Americans who have given their blood in Americas defense of our country if the taxpayers are paying for it? Not on your own dime?

Or perhaps you think Americans are stupid enough to believe that you couldn’t go visit the troops and tell the media they aren’t welcome to come? A little hard to swallow considering President Bush does just that all the time, and especially considering you already prohibit the press from asking you any number of questions, and demand that they not have microphones when they ask you questions.

The fact is, Senator Obama, you have appalling judgment! And you lie to cover up for it.

More on his equally appalling speech later.

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Obama is a [bleep] bum.


Comment by kanostickler

very cool.


Comment by erichansa

I thought Obama’s overseas trip was a way to gain the appearance of experience in international politics … in response to Senator McCain’s statement that Obama was inexperienced in foreign affairs. Obama’s rationale was to go on a fact finding mission, in order to appear presidential, however it soon became evident to everyone that Obaman’s real purpose was to use the trip as a self serving campaign photo op., Posing and pontificating in front of the crowds and cameras, rather than visiting our wounded soldiers. This is about the most unpresidential, and unAmerican thing Obama could have done. In spite of his fabricated image, and lop sided biased American media adulation, thank God the American people are finally coming to their senses, and realizing that Senator McCain is the only real Presidential choice for America. P.S. The Obama campaign and its supporters are now trying to say that the Pentagon cancelled Obama’s visit to the wounded American soldiers … but, the Pentagon clearly stated that Obama was allowed to visit with one additional person, but not his traveling campaign and film crew.


Comment by Gina

Are they really saying that!? Crikee! Thank you, I hadn’t heard that yet! I love it! The more they lie, the more they ensure that this issue gets bigger and bigger.

And you are absolutely right Gina, Obama was forced into the this tour by McCain because the truth is, he hasnt been to Iraq since the surge began and he has never met with Petraeus. But in his arrogance he wanted to make it LOOK like he was in command of the facts, he wanted to make it LOOK like he is presidential …his entire candidacy is all about image and has absolutely zero substance!


Comment by American Elephant

You’re right, Gina. Apparently as soon as the Obama group found out that there would be no media and no press photographers, but only an Army photographer, the campaign lost interest. And it wasn’t a “campaign speech”.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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