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Nanny State Alert by Emerald City Elephant

Terminating liberty. Caleeforneeah has declared war on the dastardly trans-fats.

I would like it very much if someone of the liberal persuasion (and, yes, this is one of the many instances in which Schwarzenegger divorces himself from conservatism and embraces liberal policy) could explain to me why they — not everyone else — but why they personally need the government to tell them what they can and cannot eat.

Update: As if the Nanny-Statism isn’t bad enough, it turns out, as usual, there’s no scientific basis for the hysteria in the first place:

The FDA, after spending years reviewing all available evidence on trans fats, said in its July 9, 2003, 260-page ruling (Docket No. 94P-0036), that any fears of a public health concern from the small amounts of trans fats in our diets were not supported by the evidence. These fatty acids haven’t been shown to be better or worse than any other dietary fat. The FDA expert panel specifically stated that trans fats needn’t be eliminated from the diet and they refused to establish a daily recommended intake due to lack of evidence. They agreed to add trans fats to food labels, but only after explaining it was only in response to a relentless, decade-long activist campaign. But those labels are being used by certain interests as proof that trans fats hold some health danger that’s imperative to control. [read more]

Arrrgh! At what point do Americans get fed up with losing their liberties to hysterical liberal overreaction to junk science?

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Duh! Because we’re all too stupid to decide for ourselves. 🙂


Comment by renaissanceguy

Just remember…my first eligible presidential election is 2016. I’ll be the conservative candidate touting my pro-trans fatty acid platform. And I can guarantee you, I have NEVER wavered on that issue. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grab my fries, and dip them in the new seal pup dip I created (don’t worry I clubbed them for population control, not for fun *wink wink*)


Comment by Mike Lovell

Effalants, effalants, wake up!! Less than 100 days until we can start criticizing our new President Elect. Better get psoting while there’s one to cheer and one to boo. 🙂


Comment by helenl

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