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A very strange lack of enthusiasm… by The Elephant's Child

You would think that the news that global warming does not seem to be a real or significant problem would elicit excitement, or enthusiasm or at least a big sigh of relief. All those terrible events that Al Gore warned about, the increasing hurricanes, the sweltering temperatures, the droughts, and desertification we don’t have to worry about. Obama’s going to take care of the rising seas. So where is the collective joy?

If all our worry was only caused by the predictions of flawed computer models, then we don’t have to worry about carbon footprints. We can collectively stop holding our breath and allow carbon dioxide to go back to doing what it normally does, helping plants to grow. Billions of dollars don’t have to be spent. Your taxes don’t have to soar. There is no longer a reason to oppose drilling for oil,

Dr. Roy Spencer testified last week to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. He introduced himself by noting his PhD in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his twenty years of research in global warming and climate change, his multitude of peer reviewed scientific articles and his current position as U.S. Science Team Leader for the AMSR-E instrument flying on NASA’s Aqua satellite. He said:

Regarding the currently popular theory that mankind is responsible for global warming, I am very pleased to deliver good news from the front lines of climate change research. Our latest research results, which I am about to describe, could have an enormous impact on policy decisions regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite decades of persistent uncertainity over how sensitive the climatre system is to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, we now have new satellite evidence which strongly suggests that the climate system is much less sensitive than is claimed by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

…If true, an insensitive climate system would mean that we have little to worry about in the way of manmade global warming and associated climate change. And…It would also mean that the warming we have experienced in the last 100 years is mostly natural. Of course, if climate change is mostly natural then it is largely out of our control, and is likely to end — if it has not ended already, since satellite-measured global temperatures have not warmed for at least seven years now.

Did the attendant Senators leap out of their chairs glorying in the news that they could stop trying to save the earth and could just get back to battling over insignificant problems? Not on your life. Barbara Boxer managed to insult Dr. Spencer before she turned back to seeking testimony that agreed with her preconceptions.

Dr. Spencer’s testimony confirmed the research of Lord Monckton’s paper at APS. John McLean’s new paper at the Science & Public Policy Institute also confirmed the problems with the IPCC reports. It’s a strange, strange government when good news is rejected in favor of more same old, same old.

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Sorry, is this the same Dr Roy Spencer that wants to teach Intelligent Design in schools, praises the bible for its scientific basis, claims that DDT isn’t bad for people/the environment, oh, and some of his research is funded by the George C. Marshall Institute – which is an Exxon/Mobil Global Warming Denial front-group.

Yes, I think that’s a credible source.


Comment by Ant

Ah yes, typical leftist reactionary response. Wail and gnash their teeth when anyone challenges their religion! Rather than deal with ideas, because they know Dr Spencer’s arguments about global warming are solidly based in science and supported by the facts — they attempt to discredit him. If you really want to follow the money, follow the billions upon billions that the global-scaremongering crowd will lose if “global warming” is proven to be the sham that an incredibly large, and growing number of experts believe it to be.

And sorry, Ant, Dr. Spencer is one of THE most credible sources on global temperature in the world. He is the man responsible (with his partner) for developing the most accurate, most precise global temperature measuring system ever. A leading scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, one of the top four authoritative Institutions on global temperature, precisely because of his work. He is highly decorated and regularly published in the American Meteorological Society’s Review and other leading scientific journals and his work is peer reviewed. Which is a term I doubt you know the meaning of.

He is one of THE most credible sources on climate change there is, contrary to the talking points you have received from the DailyKos, and you only look like an ignorant ass trying to discredit him.

Moreover, I think Dr. Spencer’s point re intelligent design — that we would benefit from teaching our children that evolution is not a law, that there are enormous holes in the theory, and that there is nothing scientific whatsoever about placing faith in a theory, lest we end up with more flat-Earth mindless lemmings such as yourself who want to brand as heresy anything that contradicts their religion.

You might want to take a remedial course in science Ant — the scientific method requires that all theories be challenged! But the fanatics on the left want to prohibit all challenges to their religious beliefs. The antithesis of scientific!

And no, contrary to your misleading and dishonest description toward that end, Dr. Spencer doesn’t particularly think it matters much if we end up teaching that evolution is not law, and that it requires faith to believe in — only that society remain free enough that we can continue to challenge you flat Earthers:

Whether intelligent design is ever taught in school is probably not as important as the freedom that we have in a free society to discuss, and study, such issues. And for that, I am thankful.


Comment by American Elephant

I can’t even follow up the moderators comment with anything else thoughtful, so I leave you with a standing ovation and a “bravo”!


Comment by Mike Lovell

Re: this the same Dr Roy Spencer that wants to teach Intelligent Design in schools, praises the bible for its scientific basis, claims that DDT isn’t bad for people/the environment, oh, and some of his research is funded by the George C. Marshall Institute – which is an Exxon/Mobil Global Warming Denial front-group.
He is a NASA scientist with religion, no connection to AGW. DDT is not bad foe the environment, it was banned to prevent mosquitos from developing an immubity so that it would remain a useful tool where needed. And who cares where his funding comes from, don’t you understand that they fund him because they agree and need him, not the other way around? Do some research!


Comment by Quietman

The US President’s Malaria Initiative in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service said that at the end of a two month exercise, 63,000 houses and 215,000 rooms were sprayed between May and July. It is estimated to have saved more than 536,000 people who are susceptible to malaria. Let’s hear it for a little DDT!

For those who are interested in Global Warming, I recommend Dr. Roy Spencer’s new book “Climate Confusion”. It explains clearly in layman’s language what the global warming controversy is all about. Dr. Spencer writes well, has a great sense of humor, and the book is a pleasure to read. If you want to encounter his sense of humor, visit his satirical website


Comment by The Elephant's Child

That ecoEnquirer site is really funny, thanks for the link.


Comment by Quietman

ecoEnquirer is Roy Spencer’s website. He has a great sense of humor.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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